Thursday, 10 November 2016

Where's Friday...?

Friday nights are everyones favourite thing.

We're back down in London for this post and it's Friday night - yaaaaa!

When I was staying with my sister we decided to have a properly girlie Friday night. Fizz whilst we sang (screamed) along to Little Mix and applied the pinkest of lipsticks. Onto burgers and plenty of wine, before we checked out the new Bridget Jones movie that was just out that week. I mean what more could you want from a Friday night?

And this is the easiest outfit to pop on...

You may already know how much I love my 'Mom' jeans. They've definitely overtaken my skinnies as my standard weekend denim. I usually tuck something in to the high waist with a belt to pull them in. However the raised and then dipped hem of this top works really nicely, giving everything a more interesting and good shape.

Time for a little Friday night strut...

This top is another absolute favourite to wear all the time.

It's just a simple white top that work so, so well. White tops are something you can't go wrong with and whether it's a casual t-shirt, a crisp shirt or a lacy top everyone's wardrobe if filled with them! This one has just the loveliest shape to it. It's almost like baggy, but structured and sits just perfectly.

Throw on a pair of black, heeled pumps and you're good to go. I had actually fallen out of love with these shoes and then I found them again! The height isn't too ridiculous and they're actually pretty comfy, pleasing my mother ya know, and I like the way the strap sits. They're the perfect match for a pair of 'Mom' jeans, just dressing them up enough.

A beautiful coral bag, the pinkest of pink lipstick and a mustard yellow jacket to add pops of colour and lets have ya Friday night!

Now where's the wine...

Jacket - Zara 
Top - Mango 
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - New Look 
Bag - Michael Kors 

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