Monday, 29 September 2014


I was really lazy on instagram, up until the weekend when I got snap happy!

How pretty are these little flowers! We captured the last bits of summer as the leaves are turning and its getting chillier. The gorgeous pink brightens up a rainy evening and makes me smile remembering sunny days of summer.

On Friday a special package arrived for me yaaaa! I'd ordered a jumpsuit from Coco and Cleo for a special Friday night and had been fretting all day that I now had nothing to wear! But there it was waiting for me when I got in from work - the perfect Friday treat and I really couldn't wait to tear the tissue open and try it on!

So I pulled on an amazing new checked jumpsuit, slicked on some red lipstick and headed out. We had a really lovely night and you can have a wee nosey HERE. This jumpsuit is definitely something I'll wear again and again. You can dress it up with bright lips and killer heels or pop on some studded boots and a big fluffy cardi for a more casual daytime look. Its perfection.

Aren't my sisters adorable! I love it when you get a wee surprise in the post and I was lucky enough to get two cards this week from both my lovely sisters!

Up next on the blog this week was a wee skincare review, check it out HERE! It's nice to try out new things on your skin and when they're a little more expensive a cheeky freebie is a great way to try them out first. The three Malin + Goetz treats came with a recent issue of Elle and they were lovely on my skin. The lip moisturiser is going to be amazing when the colder weather sets in.

I had a lovely Sunday lunch with some old friends this week. We chatted for hours whilst sipping on white wine and munching huge pizzas. Sunday lunches also call for tweed jackets, white shirts and brown boots. It's a fail safe outfit for Autumn, really simple and chic.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

REVIEW: Malin + Goetz

Here's a little treat for your skin!

I've heard a lot about Malin + Goetz products over the years, but have never actually tried them, so I was delighted when Elle did a cheeky gift with one of their issues. The natural based products are designed to help reach the perfect ph balance and keep your skin feeling fantastic and soothed, and to top it all off it's ideal for sensitive skin.

grapefruit face cleanser

The cleanser is really lovely and easy to use, just lather it up on wet skin! It removes all make-up from your face and the grapefruit, with natural antibacterial properties helps to prevent blemishes, cleaning the skin out. Grapefruit extract also deeply cleanses the pores and the plant-based cleansing technology leaves your skin hydrated, helping any dry skin problems. It's really gentle on the skin and aims to purify and hydrate to reach ph balanced skin. The foam also removes oil and dirt and after there is no need for a toner - simplifying and saving time in your skincare routine, a multi-tasking cleanser, ideal! Afterwards your skin is left feeling properly cleaned, without striping it.

vitamin e face moisturiser

Using the moisturiser after the cleanser left my skin feeling so soft and plumped, it was a gorgeous feel to the skin. It was instantly hydrating and absorbed instantly without leaving loads behind, plus I found that you really didn't need a lot meaning it lasts a whole load longer. The vitamin e calms while the chamomile soothes and all together with the B5 and fatty acids the skin is really nourished. Smooth skin is definitely what you're left with and it helps to retain the moisture in the skin. It's really light to use and won't clog pores and Malin + Goetz also recommends you use it as a primer.

lip moisturizer

The lip treatment instantly restores and replenishes and is ideal to use everyday to stop or help dry and irritated lips. It leaves a lovely sheen on the lips and can almost be like a gloss, so it's really lovely to wear. The shine makes it great to use when you're out and about and it's also fantastic to pop on top of a lipstick. You can tell that it nourishes on impact and unlike a lot of other lip moisturisers it doesn't wipe off and with absorbent fatty acids it continues to hydrate throughout the day. Lips can really suffer in the winter and you need to look after them as the weather turns colder and I would really recommend this one!


Saturday, 27 September 2014

Four Year Fridays

We had a lovely evening of celebrations!

To be honest I love any excuse to get dressed up, have a nice meal and sip on some wine and four years together seemed like a good enough reason, so me and my boyf popped on our glad rags and wined and dined the evening away.

I've had my eye on this jump suit for a looooooong time and I thought it was the ideal occasion to finally get it. Thankfully it arrived just on time and was waiting for me when I got in from work - after a day of fretting what my second outfit choice would be, of course.

It's from Coco and Cleo and I just adore it. The check pattern and high waist makes my legs look deceivingly long, which is ideal. It's also available in white with black checks and I'm fighting the urge to get that one too!

Pops of red are perfect with a monochrome look and add a bit of romance to the proceedings. This is one of my favourite clutches, the ruffle details make it look so pretty. My favourite black bandage heels and slick of red lipstick and I was sorted.

Sorry for the awful mirror selfie, but wanted to make sure you saw it in all its glory!

Now lets pop the champagne!

We chinked bellini and gin glasses to start with in Cail Bruich. It's a gorgeous restaurant, all cosy, dark and romantic. The staff were amazing as well and chatted away giving gin recommendations and generally making us feel very looked after.

We had a lovely little tray of nibbles, which I pounced on and completely forget to take a picture to let you see. But there was olives, and twisted sticks and puff pastry filled with deliciously warm melting cheese. They then delivered a little amuse bouche. It was pea puree with coconut and horseradish and was so refreshing - the ideal palate cleanser. And the bread! It was gorgeously warm and smelt like the most wonderful thing in the world.

To start we had ox cheek and bone marrow salad with goats curd and beetroot - amazing.

I then had the hake as a main and I hate to say I was a little disappointed. It was pretty delicious, but all in all the butter was just too much, it make it overwhelmingly salty and you couldn't appreciate the dish. However, one thing you could tell was that all the ingredients were so fresh which was perfect. I think I maybe just made a little menu mistake as the beef opposite me was beautiful. And after the pure perfectness of the starter you could tell the food on whole was amazing.

We skipped dessert and danced off into the night for some more wine and cocktails - the perfect way to celebrate!

Jumpsuit - Coco and Cleo
Clutch - Topshop
Heels - Topshop

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Here's what I've been up to...

If you've been paying attention you'll have realised that recently I had a lovely, riotous, perfect weekend away with my family. On Saturday we ate and drank like Kings and on Sunday we soothed sore heads with a brisk sea breeze and chunky tartan scarves to keep the chill out. Have a nosey HERE. It's filled with food and some absolutely fantastic stripy trousers!

It was back to reality and work though the next week. I dress pretty smart/officey for work, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring! This blazer, which I've featured a few times, is ideal for injecting a bit of colour into an office wardrobe. It also goes perfectly with the orange pendant and the colour pops out. Add a lovely, slightly sensible white top and voila.

I started an Elle subscription a while ago and I really don't know why I didn't do it before! Every month you get a parcel which is packed with pages of glorious shoes and inspiring reads. One of my favourite weekend activities is a lazy morning in bed with breakfast, a stemming mug of green tea and a brand new Elle to indulge in. I had been missing some the last week - so now I had better find more time to relax and work my way through them.

#tbt it was that time of week again! This week I was remembering my time spend a couple of summers ago in London. My lovely friend here let me stay and as soon as I jumper off the train in the big city we went to see some sights and doesn't Tower Bridge look fantastic all dressed up with the Olympic rings. It was an amazing summer to be there and the whole place was absolutely buzzing.

There was a new OOTD post on the blog this week! I played a being a flowery spaceman in a little Primark delight that I found. It'd the ideal weekend t-shirt and just pop over HERE for all the details.

Socks are the best. These came in my survival pack that my Mum made up for the birthday weekend! What is it with mothers and socks, she's obsessed with keeping my feet cosy, but I must say in the end I'm very grateful for this! They look perfect with my comfy brogues and rolled-up jeans - just the ideal combination really aren't they!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Channelling Sheldon

According to my Dad I dress like Sheldon Cooper.

I was pretty chuffed with my new NASA tee, however my Dad did ask if this was an outfit inspired by The Big Bang Theory. But hey, what does he know!

I originally spied this NASA t-shirt in Topshop and thought it was great, so when I spotted it in Primark I was pretty chuffed with myself. A slogan tee is perfect to throw on for a casual weekend outfit. It's slightly over-sized and is really comfy. The marbled grey effect is also ideal t-shirt material.

Instead of plain jeans I decided to pop on my flowery version. The are an ideal alternative to denim and not something I can see Sheldon Cooper in that's for sure! They add a bit of feminine detail to a top that could be a bit tom-boyish - perfect.

I can't go anywhere without my big knuckle-duster cage ring! A bit of gold jewellery just adds a bit of detail that the outfit needs. The long pendant is simple, but just adds something extra.

Pop on some black flats and you're sorted and if the weathers a little chillier all you need is a big cosy scarf and a leather jacket - weekend outfit sorted!

Leather Jacket - H&M
T-Shirt - Primark
Jeans - Zara
Ballet Pumps - H&M
Scarf - Primark
Jewellery - Forever 21

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Birthday Weekends - The Second Half

On Saturday night of the Birthday weekend celebrations it was time to don our glad rags and throw a party.

I went for a monochrome look. These striped trousers were actually my mothers that I adopted. She just used to wear them for lounging around in and named them her 'apartment pants' a la Friends. However I thought they were also perfect for dressing up. They definitely channel the sports luxe trend that's going on right now, with there drawstring waistband and relaxed fit.

(Waistcoat - Topshop Boutique, Top - New Look, Trouser - Stolen from my Mother, Heels - Topshop, Necklace - DKNY)

I added a half tucked in top and a wee waistcoat that just drapes nicely over it all, pulling it all together. Some strapped heels make what could've been overly casual perfectly dressy. Pop on a slick of red lipstick and a gold pendant and you're sorted.

Then the photo shoot began...

We always manage to co-ordinate! I don't know how we do it, but whenever my sisters and I get together for a special occasion we always seem to match and the dress code for this night was monochrome. And how lovely do my sisters look! The view was stunning, as I've already blabbered on about, but it really was perfect. The parentals wanted some photos to document the celebration so we posed and preened in front of the sea as the sun started to go down.

And the most important part of birthdays - presents! We sipped on fizz and squealed in delight as J opened lovely surprises from everyone.

Then it was time to eat!

If you didn't already know my Dad likes to cook up an absolutely amazing feast every now and again. And once more he's done  brilliantly fantastic job. This is were the elasticated waistband came in helpful...

To start we had homemade lobster ravioli that was amazingly delicious. The lobster was so fresh and we'd picked it up that very morning in St Andrews. Next up was a whole load of beef that was cooked to perfection and look at the potatoes, it's like a potato pie! You cook the potatoes on a salt crust and they were amazing. The highlight though was dessert, a dish filled with rich, dreamy chocolate mix just ready for you dip strawberries and meringue in - perfect.

Next came charades that just got more and more ludicrous as the red wine kept flowing...

The next morning after a lie-in the foggy heads headed outside to clear the space between our ears. I wrapped myself up in my big tartan shawl and we all went exploring the coast. We clambered over the rocks and breathed in the sea air. The tide was coming in quite fast as we scrambled along the rocks - with some of us slipping on the seaweed! Once we'd gotten to safer footing we skimmed stones and gazed out across the waves and relaxed.

Soon the sea air had our tummies rumbling again and we went for a wander into Anstruther.

I had packed my go-to cosy knit jumper and yes I know I'm doing a bit of outfit recycling from earlier in the week when we went along to the comedy, but I'll say it once and I'll say it again its perfect for Autumnal dressing! This time I popped on a pair of light was denim jeans and the best black and gold studded boots.

I also recycled elements of Saturdays outfits and made us of my waistcoat and hat again. As I said before I used to be a bit unsure of this waistcoat, but thrown over a jumper with a big woolly scarf on top I think it does actually work. And of course a hat makes all the difference.

(Hat - Forever 21, Waistcoat - River Island, Jumper - Forever 21, Scarf - Primark, Jeans - H&M, Boots - Forever 21)

And what better way to end a birthday weekend than with legendary fish n' chips and Harry Potter - it was perfect.