Tuesday, 29 November 2016

I'm Not Getting Dressed Today

I think we should all just take 5 minutes out of our day to appreciate pyjama shirts.

They are just fabulous aren't they! I mean I'm all for wearing your pyjamas every day and with this amazing trend that's been doing the rounds at the moment you really can! This shirt really does look like it could've been found next to the slippers and that's kinda why I love it so much.

The silky navy blue and white piping make it look like a classic pyjama top, but with just a touch more shape added it's one that you'll actually love wearing out of the house.

On this particular night my sister and I were popping out for a fabulous night at the theatre dahling! We headed to the West End and took our seats for Mamma Mia. So much fun by the way!

The pyjama style top is perfect for dressing up a little - just so you don't feel like you've actually rolled right out of bed. A slick of bright lipstick can do the trick and also add on a pair of heels, much classier than slippers. Yet, I still kinda want to style it with Mom jeans and chunky white trainers. It's a top that really puts in the work.

I went for some skinny jeans and classic black heels - staples we all know and love!

It also needs a jacket... cue the trench!

A classic style pyjama skirt is screaming out for a timeless trench. I love pulling this trench on over whatever works. It's just so easy! It makes me feel all classic and chic and like I can pretend I'm in a Chanel or Burberry advert of summin. It immediately just makes me feel all kinds of fabulous.

Definitely invest in a trench coat if you don't already have one!

And voila - there you have the pyjama top. Quite literally the best think you can go out and buy just now.

Trench Coat - Zara
Shirt - Primark 
Jeans - Topshop 'Joni' 
Shoes - New Look 
Bag - Michael Kors 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A Walk in the Park

Find a a perfectly sunny day and head to the park!

Ok, so I'll admit these photos were taking a little while ago before the weather turned bitterly cold - buuuuuuut just add some extra layers and maybe have lunch inside and you've still got a pretty perfect day in the park. In fact there's something really nice about getting out and about on a really crisp, but perfectly sunny winters day.

But, back to this lovely little way to while away an afternoon.

When I was visiting my sister in London we woke up to a fabulously sunny Autumnal day and decided the best place to spend it would be Hyde Park!

So off we trotted...

And once there we discovered that the ground was wonderfully carpeted in golden, bronze and red falling leaves. Perfect for a little bit of kicking about.

This is definitely a day for comfy footwear and I love these trainers at the minute! I confess I've never been much of a trainers-wearer, but recently I just love them! All I want to add to my shoe cupboard is pairs and pairs of trainers. I have no idea where the obsession has come from, but my feet are definitely happy.

Weekends away are also all about clever packing. So I had popped my all time favourite 'Mom' jeans into the suitcase, knowing that I would wear them again and again throughout the weekend. It's also rare that I'm seen out of the house without a striped top, so of course one had to be thrown into the mix. Then my new favourite brilliantly mustard leather jacket to spice things up a bit and you're good to go!

We played about in the leaves until out tummies started rumbling and we found a spot at the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen.

Cheers to blue skies!

And can we just all take a moment to appreciate the fabulous pulled pork burgers that they served up.

Feasting on these and sipping on beer whilst watching the world go by through the park has to be one of the most blissful afternoons ever had.

All that's left to do is have a wander round to ease a full belly!

Admire the flowers and just revel in having the loveliest lazy day in the park.

Jacket - Zara
Top - New Look
Jeans - Topshop 'Mom' 
Trainers - H&M
Bag - Michael Kors

Monday, 21 November 2016

Girls Day Out - 2016

Need a girly day filled with treats?

Don't forget about Girls Day Out! After giving you a wee sneak peek earlier in the year I'm so excited for the fabulous day!

I popped along last year and had an absolutely fabulous time! It's a day filled with a whole load of girlie fun! There's just so much pink! It's just bursting at the seams with fashion, beauty, shopping, entertainment - and of course cocktails! Last year I loved the fashion shows and I'll definitely be looking forward to checking them out again - I'm in need of Christmas outfit inspiration!

Tickets are on SALE NOW with the show running from the 2-4 December.

Don't miss out on a truly glittering Girls Day Out!

*** This is a collaborative post, but all views are my own. Obvs. 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Kiehl's Christmas Preview

I love nothing more than an evening filled with food, beauty and Christmas!

Last week I went along to Kiehl's Christmas Preview and, as always, I was blown away by the sheer wonderfulness of their products! If you remember I've introduced you to Kiehl's before on another little party night they had and I've raved about my favourite products. Well this night was to get us all excited about Christmas and just give us all a little treat really!

Kiehl's began as a pharmacy in New York back in 1851 and I love that they've still got that old-world apothecary feel to their stores and products. Like I said I've tried some of their products before and I absolutely adore them! They just feel so good! And you really feel like you're giving your skin a treat and good pamper.

One of the surprises for me on the night was finding out that Kiehl's  actually do haircare as well!

Their products provide the best support for your hair using naturally derived ingredients. There's also different products for different types of hair so that you get exactly what you need. I'm so excited to try it out!

We also got to smother our hands in an absolute treat - Creme de Corps.

If you've not tried it before I mean it's absolutely  divine. It's indulgent and luxurious and your hands and skin just feel absolutely amazing after using it. Rich and nourishing for every skin type and leaving you with really beautiful smooth skin - it's a must.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the Christmas packaging...

Every year Kiehl's release a limited edition set of Christmas packaging and work with different artists. This year they collaborated with Jeremyville a Brooklyn based artist who's been featured on the Disney XD channel and has also exhibited at the Andy Warhol Museum.

His designs are really fun and eye-catching and I love the Central Park theme at Christmas - a lovely way to remember Kiehl's roots in the big apple!

We also got to do a skin analysis so we could find out exactly what type of skin we had (you can get this if you pop into the store!).

It seemed really precise with different tools being used to find out what percentage oily and what percentage dry your skin is. We also got a wonderful demonstration of what products we should use depending on what skin type we turned out to be.

And what's a girly pamper night without a feast!

We were treated to an absolutely fabulous spread by Deliveroo! They are a fabulous little service who deliver food straight to your door from your favourite restaurants around you.

We had pizza from Baffo...

Dessert from Crolla's Gelateria...

And it was all amazingly delicious!

Pizza, prosecco and pampering - what more could you want from an evening!

Kiehl's are holding a 20% discount day on the 25th and 26th of November so don't miss out! Definitely head along to stock up on luxury Christmas presents or to treat yourself to an indulgent pamper night - just don't forget the munchies from Deliveroo!

Thanks so much to Kiehl's for having me and a huge thank you to Deliveroo for providing the food - it was an absolutely fabulous evening!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Where's Friday...?

Friday nights are everyones favourite thing.

We're back down in London for this post and it's Friday night - yaaaaa!

When I was staying with my sister we decided to have a properly girlie Friday night. Fizz whilst we sang (screamed) along to Little Mix and applied the pinkest of lipsticks. Onto burgers and plenty of wine, before we checked out the new Bridget Jones movie that was just out that week. I mean what more could you want from a Friday night?

And this is the easiest outfit to pop on...

You may already know how much I love my 'Mom' jeans. They've definitely overtaken my skinnies as my standard weekend denim. I usually tuck something in to the high waist with a belt to pull them in. However the raised and then dipped hem of this top works really nicely, giving everything a more interesting and good shape.

Time for a little Friday night strut...

This top is another absolute favourite to wear all the time.

It's just a simple white top that work so, so well. White tops are something you can't go wrong with and whether it's a casual t-shirt, a crisp shirt or a lacy top everyone's wardrobe if filled with them! This one has just the loveliest shape to it. It's almost like baggy, but structured and sits just perfectly.

Throw on a pair of black, heeled pumps and you're good to go. I had actually fallen out of love with these shoes and then I found them again! The height isn't too ridiculous and they're actually pretty comfy, pleasing my mother ya know, and I like the way the strap sits. They're the perfect match for a pair of 'Mom' jeans, just dressing them up enough.

A beautiful coral bag, the pinkest of pink lipstick and a mustard yellow jacket to add pops of colour and lets have ya Friday night!

Now where's the wine...

Jacket - Zara 
Top - Mango 
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - New Look 
Bag - Michael Kors 

Monday, 7 November 2016

Specsavers - #LoveGlasses

Because we all love a bit of geek chic don't we!

I popped along to a lovely evening that Specsavers were holding to celebrate the fun and fashion of wearing glasses! It was all about finding the perfect frames, whilst indulging in some pampering of course. I was excited to see some of the amazing collections - and what better way to do it than browsing with a glass of fizz in hand!

I've actually needed glasses since High School, but find that I rarely wear them in favour of contacts. However, I thought this was the perfect night to pop my frames on. I've always been a little self-conscious about wearing my glasses, I think just because of the age I started wearing them at and also probably because the only time I see myself with them on is usually first thing in the morning when I'm definitely not looking my best! But, when I do wear them I actually love it! Everyone always compliments me on them, which is lovely and they defos make my look more interesting. So I have to say thank you to Specsavers for re-igniting my love for my glasses!

And we just had to fit a little indulgence into the evening...

Blythswood Hotel Spa was there offering gorgeous, relaxing hand and arm massages. As I relaxed I flicked through the brochures and they really do some amazing offers! I've always wanted to test out the spa at Blythswood and the loveliness of the hand treatments made me even more tempted!

Then to add some glamour to my hands I popped by Bespoke Beauty to get my nails done. I opted for a beautiful, dark, autumnal shade and I was so pleased with the results. The lovely lady did a fabulous job and it was so nice to be looked after by someone you could tell really cared.

To finish off the look it was time to stop by BLOW.

BLOW has become THE place to get your hair done and this night their speciality was the #BraidBar.   They gave me three plaits, one down my parting and then another two either side, creating a really cool look. I've actually been into the salon before to get some Christmas hair done last year and I'd definitely go back - the complimentary bar is without a doubt a hit!

But back to the specs...

Specsavers offer fantastic value for money and have a huge selection of glasses. But, the main thing is they really care about the health of your eyes. Once you've been all checked out then you can get choosing from the fabulous range...

There' s glasses from one of the most influential and iconic designers, Karl Lagerfeld, that marry fashion with classic settings.

The Love Moschino selection are playful and fun, perfect for someone who's got a little flair to their style - but they're also easy to wear.

I was also delighted to see some Cath Kidston frames! Of course there was plenty of vintage prints and the unique frames fuse the old with the new in the prettiest way.

The amazing event also had a pretty fabulous venue - BoConcept the interiors design store. It was a really fun spot to host an event, and who doesn't love a bit of interiors dreaming! Developed in Denmark it's all about simple, elegant and modern designs where everything can be customised and coordinated to your own tastes.

Thanks so much for having me Specsavers!

I had the loveliest evening and definitely have a new found confidence when wearing my glasses - definitely #LoveGlasses !