Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Happy Christmas from St Enoch

On your marks, get, set.... Christmas shopping!

Hands up who has started their Christmas shopping? At least started to think about it? Or are you one of those really organised people that already has it all wrapped up and under the tree already? (If that's you I'm very impressed and jealous!) But if like me you've still got pretty much everything to pick up then get your empty Santa sack on your back and head to the St Enoch Centre.

St Enoch Centre is the perfect place to go to get all of your Christmas shopping done - from sparkling party outfits to the perfect presents.

The shopping destination has over 70 retailers under one roof, including department shoes, high-street fashion favourites and little boutiques. There's beauty, fashion and food, really everything you could every need. It's the perfect place if you love to take your time wandering around the shops, or even if you hate Christmas shopping you can get in and out really quickly as everything is under one roof!

Me, I love Christmas shopping, there's just something so lovely about picking our present for people you love. Even if I get distracted by pretty shoes in the branches of Christmas trees...

I'm also a big fan of a Christmas red and there's plenty of it about just now. It's the perfect seasonal colour for any festive celebrations. I loved the lace design and I also thought this embroidered piece was just so lovely.

The centre is also filled with festive sparkle! For the lovely little people there's Santa's Grotto where every little Santa's Helper gets a special gift. Hamley's are also doing a meet Father Christmas so there's platy of chances to the big man himself.

There's even some amazing Christmas crackers to get you excited for the main event!

Christmas is a time for indulging...

Kimble's kept us fed on the night and I had to stop by Aulds to try some of the amazing baking!

There's also plenty to keep beauty lovers happy. The Urban Decay Naked palette is amazing gift and the Bobbi Brown eyeshadows are just insane.

Plus, do you remember me declaring my love for the Mon Guerlain perfume, well it's still fabulous!

I'm also a big fan of knitwear and I was so tempted by this amazing jumper, just add some jewels and tassels on to a piece of knitwear and I'm a happy person. It's the perfect alternative to a novelty Christmas jumper and is also ideal for Christmas Day celebrations.

And after all that shopping a little treat for yourself - Santa I've got my eye on these red boots....?

So much beautiful shopping to be done!

Thanks so much to the St Enoch Centre for having me and another huge thank you to Big for inviting me along - best get on with my Christmas shopping!

x x x 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Glasgow Christmas Markets

Nothing gets me feeling more festive than wandering through twinkling Christmas markets.

If you didn't already know, Glasgow Loves Christmas. As soon as the glittering lights drape over Royal Exchange Square and Frasers switch on their curtain of lights the whole city starts buzzing with the Christmas spirit. And if you really want to start feeling festive then head to the Christmas markets.

Glasgow is lucky enough to have two Christmas markets - one in George Square and one in St Enoch Square. They're filled with all kinds of stalls, amazing food, traditional carousels and a Big Wheel (of course). These traditional style markets are overflowing with Christmas cheer and I just love them so, so much. 

There's amazing food, warming mulled wine and cute and unique presents. 

The Dutch pancakes had to be my absolute favourite. 

They were just unreal. They're something that are so simple, but so damn delicious. You can watch as the batter goes golden brown and the pick your favourite accompaniment. There's a whole array of toppings to chose from nutella to dutch syrup, but I actually liked the classic melting butter and sugar the best. Please bring me more.

The markets are also a place which are filled with stories. The sellers and their stalls come from all over to share their traditions and a lot of thought is put into who is going to be. There's stalls from Austria, France and Italy sharing their delicacies and the air is filled with amazing smells. It's fascinating to hear different Christmas traditions - and taste the food that goes along with them!

Also have you heard of The Roast Wrap Co.? Oh my goodness wait for this! 

It's basically a roast dinner on the go. The yorkshire pudding is the wrap and all kinds of delicious roast dinner fillings are popped in the middle. It's just insane.

It's all twinkling lights and Christmas wreaths and baubles - a little winter wonderland. You can spend hours getting lost in the stories and watching how everyone makes their treats. All the traditions are still there to and the spinning 'windmill' is an age-old tradition where the rising heat from the cooking below would turn the blades. 

What's Christmas without a little tipple! 

Makar gin is such a good stocking filler!

Make sure you stop off for some mulled wine as well. There's a couple of bars spread across the markets, so there's plenty of places to relax and warm up. There's also so many amazing flavours of mulled wine and cider - even a special Irn Bru one!

The Glasgow Christmas Markets are the most perfect place to get into the Christmas spirit and I'll definitely be visiting for more dutch pancakes! Thanks so much for having me! 

x x x 

Monday, 27 November 2017

Marie Claire X Emporio Armani

When beautiful clothes get together with a fabulously glossy magazine...

I recently popped along to a Marie Claire event at the gorgeous Emporio Armani shop in Glasgow to see the AW17 collection. A fabulous evening filled with lots of amazing fashion!

The Fashion Director of Marie Claire was there on the night to chat through her favourite pieces and to depart some of her style wisdom. She went over how to replicate the catwalk looks as models strutted their stuff. It was really great to see how items can be taken from the catwalk and worn every day. I also got the chance to chat to Jayne after the fashion show and she was just the loveliest lady. Of course she was dressed impeccably as well.

There was even a fashion illustrator creating prints of you wearing your favourite pieces - she was mesmerising to watch!

Emporio Armani is a world-renowned Italian fashion house and always been at the fore-front of high-fashion. Every season they march some amazing looks down the catwalk and the themes always make an impact. Armani always add their own individual stamp to the clothes and they're completed with a 'cool-girl' edge. The fashion brand is also known for touching on androgynous styles and Giorgio Armani made the trouser suit chic. It's all about 'elegance of the uncomplicated' and there's an understated confidence to the designs.

I mean I just fell completely head over heels for this red jacket - Santa are you there?

The event was organised by Marie Claire, one of the top women's magazines and the place to go for fashion and beauty advice, trends and tips and stylish updates. It began in France in 1937 before coming to the UK in 1941 and it's always been about inspiring women. It's a "worldwide icon and a compelling media destination that combines provocative features with outstanding fashion and beauty to inspire women who want to think smart and look amazing". It makes sense for them to support a brand that empowers women.

Armani was filled with luxurious clean-line blazers, stylish monochrome pieces with pops of red and touches of hot pink to add some vibrance to your outfit.

This bag!

The Glasgow store is really beautiful and is an amazing place to visit. Everything is presented in a beautiful and chic way and the clothes and accessories are just waiting to be admired.

Thanks so much for having me!

x x x 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Snapfish - Get Ready for 2018

Create your own personal calendar with Snapfish!

I received a code to make a free photo calendar and I loved exploring the new designs that Snapfish have! 

Snapfish is a wonderful little spot on the internet when you can turn beautiful photos into personalised items. And with Christmas coming up why not think about creating some amazingly thoughtful gifts! There's so many different things you can pop your photos on to - photo books, canvas prints, photo blankets, cushions, phone cases, mugs.... everything you could dream of and your bound to find the perfect present for anyone and everyone. 

I though, used Snapfish to create a really lovely calendar to keep me organised for next year.

There are so many options when it comes to designing your calendar and you can really make it your own. You can choose what size you want, what theme, what colours and there's all kinds of cute patterns and designs. Make yourself a cuppa and get settled in though it's easy to get lost in all the beautiful creations!

I'm a bit of an instagram addict so I was really pleased when I found the Instagram theme. Creating a calendar with all your instagram posts is a really lovely way to use the photos that you've collected. I picked images for each month from exactly the same time this year or last. It was a lovely way to collect memories and look back on adventures!

There are so many different designs, backgrounds and layouts to choose from and you can even add little stickers, as well as personalising dates - you'll never forget a birthday again!

I kept my design pretty simple with black and white. I wanted to keep it clean so that the photos would stand-out. But, there's so many colourful backgrounds that you can make it as bright and beautiful as you want!

The creation process is really easy as well. You just need to upload your photos, from your computer, Facebook and even Instagram, pick your layout and drop the image in where you want it. Snapfish is pretty clever as well and will tell you if the photo is too low-res for print so that you get the perfect picture. 

If you fancy designing your own personalised item or making your Christmas presents extra personal this year then you can get 40% off Snapfish with the code KIRSTEN40 - happy designing! 

x x x 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

T2 - Joy 2 the Wild

This is simply the best time of year to cosy up with a cup of tea.

You might remember a little while ago I introduced you to the wondrous T2 and the amazing Scots Breakfast tea. But, did you know T2 is in actual fact the best place to start your Christmas shopping as their new Christmas collection is simply fabulous and perfect for any tea-lover.

T2 have just launched their new Christmas nature-inspired campaign - Joy 2 the Wild - and as they say "It's time to reignite our relationship with nature". The Australian tea company see winter as the perfect time to reconnect with the natural world "celebrating the hidden flavours, patterns and rhythms found in the outside world". The beautiful collection has a real emphasis on the beauty of nature and it's wonderfully refreshing for this time of year.

T2 has literally every type of tea you can imagine and the new collection is just divine.

There's CHRISTMAS BREAKFAST which is filled with festive flavours, the classic gingerbread with a hint of vanilla. The amazing MULLED WINE MAGIC which just tastes like Christmas evenings in the cold. It's really aromatic and has the perfect touch of spice. One of my favourites was also the CHOC MOLTEN MARVEL an absolute treat in a tea-cup that keeps you toasty with its indulgent pudding-like notes.

As always the amazing tea-ware also had me creating a mental wish-list for Santa.

I was lucky enough to be treated to a LUNA NIGHTS STARFISH SKY TEA FOR ONE - so adorable and the perfect gift to find under the tree.

The cute little teapot is perfect for one and you can keep the adorable little tea-cup that comes as part of it filled up with delicious tea. The most amazing present for tea-lovers. The sweet pattern is described as having "sea anemones dance alongside starfish patterns under the night sky". How dreamy does that sound?! It even has a tea strainer in the pot and makes the loveliest gift to keep you cosy on chilly winters afternoons.

Of course all the tea-ware is just beautiful.

They've added to their already fabulous offering with collections like DANCING MAGNOLIA which takes inspiration from the "geometric marvels found in nature" and it also come in five colour combinations that you can mix and match. I think the LUSCIOUS is just gorgeous and is definitely going to be written on my list for Santa. It's all green goodness with jungle print and white poppies. There's also the MOON DANCE and DAZED AND DAZZLED that are just as fantastic.

Even the teaspoons are the best thing ever!

I'm still completely in love with T2 it's a really enchanting place and it feels like you've stepped into a tea-themed fairytale every time you step into the shop. Making a cup of T2 tea takes a little more time, it's indulgent and you feel like you're spoiling yourself giving yourself ten minutes to treat yourself and enjoy the most delicious cup of tea.

Thanks so much to T2 for having me - now pop the kettle on!

x x x