Thursday, 28 April 2016


Little treats and a throwback to a snowier time!

I was lucky enough to try out an LVL treatment on my lashes last week - and what a difference it made! I could immediately see a huge change in my eyelashes, they were bigger and bolder and just generally better without a smidge of mascara on. I'm so excited to write up all about them and share it with you guys, so you know the drill, eyes peeled!

And then our old friend Friday rolls on by! I was looking forward to relaxing, catching up on a stack of Elle magazines and a chilled glass of white while I waited on my little sister arriving!

We had a Friday night filled with burgers, chocolate and Frozen - I mean can you get any better - before me and my sister jumped on the train and headed to Troon to meet the boys who had played a game of golf in the morning. We found the sweetest of cafes, Silver Spoon Teaspoon. I just couldn't resist the vintage crockery and we filled up our teacups and picked up a slice of cake, gingerbread for me.

Refuelled on earl grey we headed for a walk along the beach. I'm not going to lie to you the wind was damn chilly, but we promenaded along the seaside before our tummies started rumbling again and fish n' chips were in order.

I just could never get round to writing this post, but I'm so glad I did as it was really a special evening! You might remember that I went skiing a while back and whilst we were there we had a really special mountain meal. We made our way up the slopes in the starlit night on a piste-basher, before dining in an alpine restaurant perched high up in the mountains - such an amazing experience!

Cosy home corners are my favourite thing and I've been loving tulips at the moment. The yellow and orange really brighten up a room and make you smile, plus I find that they last for ages!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Mountain Meal

The best way to have dinner in the mountains is by climbing up in a piste basher and eating at the top of the slopes in the deep snow!

A wee while ago we jetted off to Andorra for a week on the slopes and whilst we were there we decided to try out the Mountain Meal. A piste-basher picked us up from the village and climbed up to the top of the slopes for dinner in a mountain restaurant.

This is the best kind of transport to dinner!

You don't usually get to have a go in the big monster that prepares the pistes so it was really fun to climb up into the cabin and set off up the slope! We ploughed through the deep snow and it was even falling really heavily all around us making it quite an adventure!

Soon the restaurant lit up and was in sight.
We hopped down from the cab and kicked about in the powder until we bundled into the restaurant.

Perched at the top of the mountain the circular windows showed the snow falling, glittering against the nighttime sky - so pretty! The restaurant was really nice and had a lovely relaxed atmosphere and ski vibe to it.

We ordered drinks and then relaxed into the setting before a gorgeous plate of smoked salmon arrived. It was delicious and the prefect start to the meal.

Next up, classic for top ski restaurant - a huge slab of meat! It was perfectly cooked and the sauce was amazing. This is exactly what you need to fill you up after a hard day on the slopes.

Dessert was probably my favourite. A sticky toffee, warm apple pudding, drizzled with delicious sauce and dollop of cream. I savoured every mouthful.

Once we'd cheers-ed over the lat sip of wine it was back into the piste-basher to make our way back down the mountain.

It was so much fun to do something different for dinner!

The piste-basher ride was a really unique experience and was just really exciting! And then to eat all the way at the top of the slopes was just lovely. I'm over taxis, I want to take a piste-basher through the snow for every meal out!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Exciting fashion- y things and willing Spring along!

I started a new job - yaaaa! It's so exciting and I'm absolutely loving it so far - definitely no Sunday blues for me!

I went to an amazing launch event recently. Hunted Vintage was introducing their SS16 collection and it was such a great night filled with loads of vintage gems. If you're a lover of retro then you should definitely pop over to their website. It's a glorious treasure trove of wonderful clothes and they've done all the vintage hunting for you!

Yaaa an ASOS order! I don't actually shop online all that much. I like to make a trip of it heading into the shops and trying things on, but I had a little money off voucher so I mean of course I was going to use it! A got a couple of lovely tops and was so pleased when they arrived.

Bright flowers are just wonderful aren't they! A love having a big beautiful bouquet to make me smile.

I just need some sunshine. I need heat. I'm dreaming of warmer days and can't wait for Spring to start to warm up and the sunshine start. So I was dreaming of sunnier days and #tbt to last summer when we were in Hvar - can I be back there please?

It's not often I have a productive Saturday morning, but for once I woke up early, pulled on my trainers and headed to a spin class - go me! So I treated myself to some fresh flowers!

I went along to The Body Shop VIP event recently to hear all about their brand new Drops of Light range. It's a lovely collection of brightening lotions and potions and I had the nicest evening oohing and ahhhhing at the lovely smells.

Standard Spring shot happening here - but isn't the blossom so pretty this time of year!

There was an exciting wee evening this week! Our street was transformed into a scene from the 1940s for the filming of a BBC drama. We peeked out the windows at the old fashioned cars driving by and the big red bus was a vintage dream. It was really interesting to see everything set up - loved living in a retro scene for an evening!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Body Shop VIP Event

I was so excited to go along to a little event at The Body Shop recently!

I've always loved The Body Shop as a brand. I remember getting big tubs of the Body Butter for birthdays from friends and browsing the shop on a Saturday picking out our favourite smells and always buying a little tub of the lip balm. I'm not going to lie as I've gotten older I've kind of moved away from the brand, but after a really lovely evening in the Sauchiehall Street store my love has been reignited.

The Body Shop was founded in 1976 with the aim to make people feel good, body and soul - and I think it definitely does! Their products are gorgeous and really have a feel good factor to them, making you smile. They are "offering high-quality, naturally-inspired skincare, hair care and make-up produced ethically and sustainably"

Basically it's all about making you feel great!

And when you walk into the shop you really can't help but smile. The bright beautiful packaging immediately lifts your mood and the smells, oh the smells! They are all divine and simply stretch that smile wider.

We were there to be introduced to the new line, Drops of Light.

It's a new pure, healthy, brightening range enriched with red algae and vitamin C to help skin appear brighter and more luminous, aiming to even out pigmentation. The range is all about enhancing natural beauty. It's made up of Pure Clarifying Foam Wash, Pure Translucency Essence Lotion, Pure Healthy Brightening Serum and a Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream. The packaging is so pretty, it's really simple and elegant and I just love everything about it!

"Our new Drops of Light range will smooth the skin and leave your skin tone more even, giving you picture perfect #NoFilter skin every time."

The Lotion was definitely one of my favourites, it hydrates and enhances translucency with a really soft texture. The cream is soft and silky and just melts on. It's a highly moisturising and nourishing formula and leaves your skin brighter and more hydrated.

I'm also wishing I'd bought the Day Cream as it was absolutely gorgeous!

I was treated to a sublime hand-scrub and massage - bliss.

The lovely lady used a mixture of a Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion and the matching Wild Argan Scrub. It was gorgeous.

I loved it so much I couldn't resist treating myself to the Wild Argan Body Lotion. It's enriched with organic Community Trade argan oil from Morocco  - "Our precious argan nuts are sourced from the remote Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They are hand-picked, hand-cracked and slowly pressed for the purest, most radiant Community Trade argan oil." The lovely lightweight formula leaves your skin noticeably softer and smoother. But the thing that I love most is the gorgeous smell. It's not over-powering and is just delicious.

I loved my evening in The Body Shop and I'll definitely be popping back on a much more regular basis - thanks so much for having me, my love is definitely back!

Monday, 11 April 2016

Hunted Vintage

Vintage lover? I've got a little brand for you...

I recently popped along to the launch of the Hunted Vintage SS16 collection and it was an evening filled with lots of lovely retro delights!

Hunted Vintage works from the mantra of: "Let us do the hunting for you". Basically it takes the 'hunting' out of vintage shopping for you by storing all their vintage finds on their website, so it's really easy for you to get your retro fix. Hunted Vintage take the hard work out. Vintage shopping can be hard work finding the perfect piece and time-consuming! And by using Hunted Vintage you're basically being treated to more time to enjoy the clothes - perfect!
There's everything from red dungarees and yellow macs to gorgeous fringed jackets - on-trend, one-off vintage gems. Wearing vintage is a great way to add a bit of interest and edge to any outfit. Plus no-one will be wearing the same outfit - guaranteed! With Hunted Vintage you can find clothes that allow you to express yourself, they're all originals that you'll love.

"Inspired by the rogues, the rebels and the Underground Kings. Hunted SS16 is a collation defining self-expression. 

"Unlimited by societal perception, the collection aims to empower people, to embrace who they really are, using fashion as a method of communication to express this." 

The actual Launch Party night was an amazing set-up with vintage trinkets dotted about to inspire you. The gorgeous models posed at the top of the room in an amazing selection of pieces from the collection and vintage clothes hung on the rails about.

Donuts were offered up and you could 'pimp' your prosecco with cordials and strawberries - what more does a gal need!
One of my favourite things was the message on the labels of the clothes: "This garment holds a story hiding in the seams and whispering from the folds. Let it speak to you. A gateway to self-expression. Be free. Be you. Love, Hunted" - how sweet!

It was a really fantastic night to get an insight into Hunted as a brand and what they stand for. Thanks so much for having me and I can't wait to get vintage shopping!

Thursday, 7 April 2016


A good ol' mix of fashion, family and chocolate!

Ooooh to be back on the slopes! I had a really amazing holiday in Andorra skiing a couple of weeks ago and on a rainy, grey day in Glasgow I started dreaming about it again. It was a week filled with sparkling snow, dazzling blue skies and one or two cocktails! When's the next holiday booked in?

The day was brightened up by a fabulous fashion launch party. I popped along to The Poetry Club to see the launch of Hunted Vintage S|S16 collection. It was quite a party to celebrate the unique brand (eyes peeled for a full post soon). The prosecco flowed, the models looked stunning, the clothes demanded attention and the canap├ęs were nibbled. A lovely night and I loved the labels with their secret message.

Burnt orange nails as a change from the nude. This was a freebie from Marie Claire, I'm forever collecting freebie nail varnishes, but it was quite an unusual colour and I genuinely really liked it on.

Easter weekend soon arrived and I couldn't wait to spend it catching up with family! We shopped, ate and drank on Friday before heading out to the countryside for party filled with cheesy music and dancing. By the time Monday rolled around we were all exhausted, but after a power nap we were able to finish the weekend off in style with a fabulous meal at Ox and Finch.

The sun has been beginning to make rare appearances and when it did shine I decided it was the perfect day to test a new pair of glittering shoes! This little outfit post is all about the most amazing pair of metallic loafers that I've fallen in love with. Add some stripes and double denim and you're sorted for a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Now, this is simple the very best chocolate in the world. End of. No discussion.

I got a little 20% of ASOS voucher in Elle last month and I've been very good and not spent it yet! I only have a couple of days left, but I just don't know what to get! I've had a full Shopping Basket sitting for days and I keep taking things out and swapping things over. But I think I may have finally decided on a couple of tops, unless you've any suggestions to change my mind....?

I popped along to a Body Shop VIP event this week where they were introducing us to their new range - Drops of Light. It was a really beautiful collection, the face cream and lotion were two of my favourites. They were so light-weight and a delight to use, the packaging is also gorgeous and feminine - I kinda want to fill my bathroom cabinet with it.

You can't beat a really, truly beautiful bouquet of flowers can you?