Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Croatia - Hvar

So I know it's not summer anymore and this post is a little late - buuuuut surely it's actually really nice to dream of sunny places when the Autumn chill is creeping in and rain splatters against the window?

Let's pretend we're somewhere else....

At the end of August I headed to Croatia (as you may have guessed from my Instagram spam). It felt like it had been such a long time coming and I was so excited to finally feel the sun on my skin and dip my toes into the sea.

After a damn early flight we finally arrived and after snoozing on a ferry ride we soon reached the beautiful island of Hvar. The gorgeous little boat town has years of sunny history - first appearing in the 13th century and from the minute I stepped off the ferry I was mesmerised - it's just got this really magical feel to it.

We didn't take long to freshen up, pop on some summery colours and head back out the door - just in time to admire the beautiful sunset by the water. And sip on a few Aperol Spritz as he watched the hubbub of the harbour.

Holidays are for relaxing. And we spent many hours lolling on the beach.

There's loads of little hidden gems all over the island and we would spend mornings exploring, before we found the perfect spot to settle in for the foreseeable future.

We swam in the dazzling blue sea, I read my all-time favourite story and the BF dreamed up which super-yacht was going to his.

On the second night we decided we were going to celebrate. Not long before we jetted off the BF passed all his accountancy exams and officially became a super-smart human being - ya!

So we got all dressed nice and drank wine over-looking the bustling square and wandered around the winding stone streets in search of the perfect celebratory menu. Before bar-crawling back along the harbour and chinking glasses many times in congratulations.

Hvar is a really beautiful place. It's got a magical-paradise air to it and the marbled traffic-free streets that drop straight down in the sea are what holidays are made off.

One morning we decided to check out St Stephen's square, the sort of centre of the small town. We sipped on ice tea and watched the visitors patter about in flip-flops. When lunch-time creeped around we walked to the opposite side of the harbour and ate fresh seafood with local chilled wine and watched the boats to their dance.

For our last day on Hvar we took a boat-trip.

We sailed off to a gorgeous little island called Palmizana.

We spent the day swimming in the sandy bay and lunching in the prettiest of restaurants.

Later on we watched the last of the day ebb away from Laganini, the bar, restaurant and lounge that makes you think that you could be in some music video. It was filled with comfy couches, big cushions perched in treetops and was just pretty smart.

It wouldn't have been complete if you didn't have a glass of something deliciously chilled to pose with...

Hvar was amazing - but next up we were off to Split! Stay tuned....

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Throwback and weekend treats!

This time last year I'd just had one of the best weekends celebrating my little sisters birthday - so I mean what else would be my #tbt. It came in two halves - the first exploring the coast (with a lil #ootd thrown in). The house we'd rented out backed right out on to the water and was filled with all kinds of seaside treats. Of course, there's also some delicious foodie treats and gin popped in there for good measure.

And Sundays on Birthday Weekends are made for wrapping up in big scarves and jumping along the rocky coastline. The weekend comes in two halves and the latter part see's Saturday nights antics and fish and chips to soak up the champagne. I think little sisters should turn 21 every weekend so I can life like this all the time!

I popped up a new post - yaaa! I'd hit the High Street before my holidays, but I can't bring myself just to buy things that work when it's sunny. So, in Transitional Treasures, I rabbited on about how much I'm looking forward to layering these pieces up, adding polo-necks, slouchy knits and the perfect pair of ankle boots.

Weekends are made for delicious breakfasts that you can't look at without drooling just a lil bit. On Saturday we popped along to Old Salty's in Finneston. I've been craving a fish supper from the fancy chippy for a while, but we opted for breakfast instead - it being a little bit early in the morning for the fishy goodness. I had french toast, bacon and a good dollop of maple syrup. It was really damn tasty and it was great to sit, relax and watch the weekend world waking up - plus really decent value. I'll be back to test the chips!

A quote for a Sunday morning to get you going - "Nurture your mind with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes." - Coningsby by Benjamin Disraeli.

Another new post - whoopa! Here is that lovely little denim pinafore again, I'm a real fan of it, if you hadn't already guessed. I went along to visit my sister at Holyrood Palace and managed to pose for some snaps whilst we were there. The palace was a really great place to while away the afternoon and the pinafore, teamed with tan boots, a plain top to layer and red lips for some drama was the perfect weekend outfit. Prepare to see it time and time again.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Palace Pinafores

It was time to switch up the pinafore for Autumnal dressing.

And what better place to do it than at the Royal dwellings in Edinburgh.

It was a gloriously sunny day in Edinburgh when I took a wander down to the Palace of Holyrood. It's great to play at being tourist for the day and doing things that you wouldn't normally on a Saturday and the weekend I went along there was a classic car show going on as well. I picked out my favourites wandering around the courtyard - where there were a whole lot of tweed jackets and lovely ladies.

We peeked through the wrought iron fence to the garden party they were holding and chose our favourite dresses!

Although not as fancy a denim pinafore is up there...

I originally bought this Toppers number in the summer and took it on holiday to throw on over bikinis with sandals and ice cream. However, it works just as well as the weather turns chillier and we move into Autumn.

I love its simple cut, with the thick straps and seams to give it some shape. The big pockets add some simple detail and it's just such an easy weekend outfit to pop on.

One of the great things about this pinafore is that it's perfect to wear with bare shoulders, but it's also made for layering. I can't wait to snuggle up in roll-necks popped on underneath, or to layer the denim over breton stripes. For my tourist trip I just put on a simple long-sleeved top to myself some warmth as the weather was cooling.

Plus it's denim which is just fantastic and nods to the trend that sees the often overlooked material being celebrated.

I should really have added some sort of amazing tiara or crown to my ensemble for a day at the palace, but I thought that was maybe a tad over-the-top. But anyway, I think this pinafore is definitely going to be my go-to Saturday outfit and it was great for wandering around the beautiful courtyard, taking in the gorgeously old fountain and grand building.

Unfortunately you can't take any pictures inside the palace, so you should definitely go to take it all in yourself! The state rooms are full of history and interesting tales. But my favourite part was definitely Mary Queen of Scots quarters. It's remained largely untouched and had an air of drama and historical stories. There is beautiful furnishings and amazing bits and bobs.

I also loved the tumbling down abbey outside. There was a magical atmosphere to it and it felt like a very special place.

Accessories wise all I needed was a simple gold chain, tan boots, my favourite Mango bag and a slick of red lipstick.

As the afternoon drew to an end I threw on my navy jacket.

I love this lightweight almost 'gown-like' jacket from Forever 21. It's been a saviour on cooler summer evenings and the billowing sleeves, tuxedo-effect and over-sized cut are just beaut.

I'm definitely going to spend more weekends exploring the sights on my doorstep - probs just wearing this every Saturday....

Jacket - Forever 21
Denim Pinafore - Topshop
Top - H&M
Boots - New Look (915 Range)
Necklace - Forever 21
Bag - Mango

Friday, 11 September 2015

Transitional Treasures

I just can't buy clothes that only work for Summer.

I live in Glasgow, what's the point?

When I'm shopping I like to pick up pieces that work in any season. If I spent all my pennies on clothes that were only meant for blazing sunshine days and scorching beaches I would have nothing left when the weather turned. And lets face it, in Scotland these sunny days are few and far between, even in summer. So I buy bits and bobs that I can see working with bare legs and pretty sandals, as well as fleecy tights and sturdy boots.

The Denim Pinafore

This little gem came from a spur-of-the-moment trip to Topshop. Isn't it pretty and just so sweet?! I wore it for wandering around beautiful towns in Croatia with just a bikini underneath, but it's also a great piece for Autumn and Winter. I want to wear it layered over thin turtle-neck tops and long-sleeves striped bretons (get ready for a lot of these). It makes me feel French and cute and like I should be cycling along tree-lined streets with a baguette in my basket. It will also be perfect with cosy jumpers on top, creating a cute denim skirt.

Winter Florals

This is such a pretty skirt for the Summer. The light blue, daydream-sky colour is gorgeous and the flowers conjure up images of wild meadows, filled with flowers, basking in evening sunshine. However, pop on a simple grey t-shirt, some thick black tight and worn brown brogues - voila - the ideal Autumnal look. Trusty turtle-necks and striped tops work too. The pretty florals will bring some light relief throughout the grey months, when it's only rain and slush that covers the ground.

The Ultimate Go-To Top

You've probably all got some version of this top hanging in your wardrobe. Topshop often do staples and duplicate them in all the colours you could imagine - this little silky cami is one of the latest and it's a star. The delicate straps are perfect for bronzing shoulders on holidays with messy ponytails and denim shorts. And the white and rust colour will look fabby with jeans and big slouchy knitted cardigans. Already I've found them being my go-to top as they are so easy to wear and, lets be honest there going to be year-round outfit staples.

THE Denim Button Skirt

Ok, so you've more than likely seen this skirt everywhere this summer and believe me it's a keeper. Tuck in baggy t-shirts, add summer sandals and a pair of sunglasses and you're all good for lunch in the sun. Buuuuuut, you guessed it, it's perfect for Autumnal weather too. And again, think turtle-necks in any colour and striped tops. Add on a big knit cardigan, a blanket scarf and some ankle boots - hell, even throw on your favourite fedora - and you've got your favourite look sorted.

H&M Basic Beauties
You can always find some gems in the H&M basic range. These dresses are so versatile. They were perfect for throwing on over a bikini for the beach and they also looked lovely in the evening with a light scarf, bright lips and block heels. They'll be perfect with a block-heel boot and tights for the winter too. And call me old, but I just can't be dealing with too-short dresses and the loose skirt on these ones falls to a really respectable stop, so they're just ideal - plus I can even pop on a blazer for the office. The lightweight cotton material is comfortable too - basically they're little gems that you should all run out and buy - I even got two, navy and black (adventurous I know...)