Thursday, 29 October 2015

Crystal #SkiExplorer - Piste Princess

I’ve skied for almost as long as I can remember. I love the feeling of new tracks cutting through fresh powder. I adore the first-lift feeling and I especially love a bluebird day.

Even though I have a touch of Dawn Patrol and a dash of Fairweather Fred in me when it came to choosing a ski-persona from Crystal I couldn’t help but imagine myself as a bit of a Piste Princess. On the hill I’m all about the designer gear and faux-fur headbands, sipping on champagne whilst looking over the most amazing snow-covered scenery.

So here is a day as a true Piste Princess.

“Stretching out across the four-poster bed, eyes crinkle open and settle on my ski gear, laid out pristine on the chaise-lounge at the end of an epic bed. A black and white theme today – perfect. Time to wrap up in the fluffiest dressing gown – a fresh one that feels like a solitary cloud in a clear sky - wiggle toes into fur-lined slippers and make my way to breakfast.

Time to start the day.  

Breakfast is always served on a balcony that overlooks The Eiger, always an awe-inspiring view to feast your eyes on before you’re fully awake. Silver pots of steaming tea are sipped on whilst croissants and toast and jam are devoured to set me up for the day.

Once I’m dressed in my ski suit, it’s down to the boot room to pull on the heated boots that have been gloriously warmed overnight. My ski’s are handed to me, freshly waxed and it’s time to hit the slopes.

 Nothing beats that first lift. The snow glitters like little diamonds around me and there’s a blue sky above. Crystal flakes decorate the trees and shimmer under the sun’s beams. Paradise.

After the first few runs my legs warm-up. Perfect parallel turns as I wind my way down. I can ski with the best of them and my elegant style is what makes me impeccable. Swish-swish, I watch my ski’s track down the runs, creating their path. I climb up the lifts, breathing in the mountain air and swoosh down, hair billowing behind me.

After a couple of hours exploring the mountain routes it’s time to stop for a hot chocolate.

A frothy, indulgent and luxurious hot chocolate. The rich, dark type that needs a dollop of cream.

Then back out onto the mountains, stopping at the top of the lifts to admire the stunning views. The Jungfrau that seems to tower over the ant-like skiers that dance in its the shadow. The magnificent stretch of scenery all the way to Interlaken that glitters in the blue sky. And the Schilthorn, blowing fragments of jewels off in the breeze.

Before too long it’s time to re-fuel, only at the best restaurant on the mountain of course – a little gem hidden away that only after a winding and adventurous journey you can reach. It’s a special place, only for those in the know.

As we relax into the sheepskin covered seats a waiter pours the fizz. Bubbles are the best way to start lunch on the hill. Many toasts later and we tuck into a delicious smorgasbord of traditional foods, made with decadent twists. Think cheese and ham rosti with shavings of truffle. It bubbles and melts creating heaven on a plate. Matched with a delicious local red, we dig in occasionally glancing around at the epic backdrop.

Coffee laced with local liqueur and apple strudel finish the feast and it’s time to head off again.

The afternoon follows the same pattern as the morning. Climbing up lifts, laughter ringing in the clear air and spiralling in and out of trees on the way back down. The Mile Muncher is determined to get in as many runs as he can. And I’m generally happy to oblige – soaring up and speeding down.

But eventually the Apr├Ęs Animal in everyone calls – Piste Princess style of course.

I happily sink into a deck chair, perfectly positioned to catch the last rays of the Easter sun disappearing behind the peaks, with the last of the mountain explorers’ ski-daddling down. A bottle makes an oh-so-satisfying pop nearby and the bubbles fill empty glasses, reached out in eager anticipation.

Back in the chalet, giggling from the fizz and sharing stories of the slopes there will be just be enough hours left in the evening to relaxing in a bubbling Jacuzzi. Snow sparkling around me, chilled white wine in hand - dreaming of the delicious meal still to come.

Filled up on gorgeous cheeses, red wine and local delicacies I’m ready to collapse into bed and dream about doing it all again tomorrow…”

I'm away to dream of skiing and champagne in the snow... 

**This post has been written for Crystal Ski #SkiExplorer competition in the persona of a Piste Princess. I really just need a crown to wear on the slopes now…

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


A mini-break to London and some beauty thrown in there!

I finally got around to trying out the Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse and I was pretty impressed with it. It went on really easily and dried nice and quickly - always a plus. It gave a nice golden glow after a few minutes wait and even after a shower in the morning I still felt a there was a lil hint of a summer holiday tan, yaaa!

I popped up a new REVIEW on Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate - mainly because I love it. This is a little wondrous potion that makes my skin all kinds of happy. It's just pretty fabulous. Go and read all about it and become a complete convert, run out to your nearest Kiehl's store and then completely understand why I am so obsessed with it!

Soon it was almost time for me to head down to the big city, so my throwback was the last time me and my big sister were together - way back in July! We drank just as much prosecco and giggled and gossiped just as much too.

And it was soon train time! I could hardly sit still I was so excited. But post planning and a flick through Glamour kept me entertained as the train chugged down South.

On my first full day in big London town we went along to the Mademoiselle Prive exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery. I'd been looking forward to it for aaaaaages and was utterly spellbound the whole time we were there. It's a gorgeous way to spend the morning and I loved how it had been put together. I'd thoroughly recommend going along if you've got the time.

Saturday morning was brunch time! We went along to a bottomless brunch and basically started the day by drinking as much prosecco as we physically could in two hours. An amazing way to kick-start the weekend. P.S. the food was pretty tasty too!

In a few quiet hours in a riotous weekend I even managed to pop up a new post for you lovely lot. This one was all about escaping for a weekend, heading out of the city and going on big rambling Autumnal walks. It's so lovely to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle every now and again, dontcha agree?

So after a fair few glasses of prosecco on Saturday, that lead onto more than one or two gins that evening Sunday morning called for bacon, eggs and bagels to gear us up for the day ahead.

Ok, so I ate a lot of breakfast in London. I had a later train on Monday afternoon so I said goodbye to the big city with a perfectly instagram-able breakfast. Avocado, eggs, toast and green tea. The perfect way to get me ready to head back to reality.

(I'll be doing a few little London posts so I can share the whole trip with you, keep yo eyes peeled!)

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Escaping the City

Sometimes what you need is a weekend away from the bright-lights, a weekend to escape the hustle and bustle and a weekend to get some good ol' fashioned fresh air.

And last weekend that's exactly what we did.

I'm lucky enough to have a BF whose lovely family is happy to see us for the weekend as we escape the city and take a break in the countryside. We trundle up the road to Killin every so often and enjoy a bit of time in the country.

After lounging in front of the fire on Friday night we woke up lovely and refreshed, expecting crisp blue skies and a chilly autumnal day. Well, it was certainly chilly, but blue skies, well there just wasn't any quite yet and the village was cloaked in a chilly mist.

But, we decided to pull on the wellies, wrap ourselves up and head for a walk round the Loch.

I honestly could've taken a million photos.

The foggy day just added to the country appeal. The mist clung to the long grasses and transformed spider webs into magical decorations.

It was an enchanting atmosphere created by the misty air and you felt like you were trespassing into some secret fairy-glade. Or that you'd jumped into a Jane Austen novel and Mr Darcy was going to come striding through the moors.

Chilly Autumnal walks call for a jacket that is made for country-life and a Barbour jacket fits the bill splendidly. I've loved this outdoor essential ever since I got it back in April, the best bit being the fleecy-lined hand pockets for chilly finger - a god-send if you're always cold like me! Pull on a pair of wellies and then wrap a big blanket scarf around you, an Autumnal Essential (amongst a few other must-haves). And then you're all set to stroll along the muddy paths in the misty air.

We ambled along admiring the views and resting under the ancient trees, until we came back around to the path that led back into the village.

Soon we were back in the (relative) hubbub of the charming little visit and at the really stunning Falls of Dochart.

We made like tourists and scrambled over the rocks, posing for photos by the rushing water.

And how to finish a wonderful walk in the countryside - a pint in the local!

Jacket - Barbour
Scarf - Primark 
Jeans - Topshop 
Wellies - Hunter

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

REVIEW: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

You might remember when I popped along to Kiehl's Launch Fashion Cultures - and this was where I was treated to this completely magical and utterly amazing potion - the Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

I must confess, I'm not all that into spending all my pennies on the latest skincare miracle or the latest beauty hype, and I tend to stick to what I know and use everyday. But, (although I was lucky enough to receive this in a goodie bag) this has shaken up everything. I can't sing it's praises enough, it's a fabulous miracle worker in a blue bottle.

Phewww ok, applause over and done for now and time for the practical stuff.

The facial oil is made from 99.8% naturally derived ingredients and is described as "A replenishing nighttime facial oil with distilled botanicals that visibly restores the appliance of skin by morning". The little miracle worker aims to add moisture to your skin and revive dull looking skin, adding radiance by morning.

All you need to do is pop it on after cleansing your skin, you only need a couple of drops, and gently massage it in. You can wear it alone or, as I like, under your moisturiser.

It's made up of pure essential oils and distilled botanicals, including:
  • Evening Primrose Oil - a skin barrier repair that boosts radiance
  • Lavender Essential Oil - which soothes skin, reducing blotchiness and leaving you with brighter and more radiant skin
  • Squalane - (no I had no idea either!) this is Kiehl's signature key ingredient. It's easily absorbed and helps to restore moisture balance, leaving you with soft and supple skin
This gorgeous combination also has a really lovely calming scent - which is perfect for bedtime. 

Now, I'll be honest, I've never actually tried oils before as I was worried that they would feel all slimy and block up my skin. But, after reading so many good things about Kiehl's Midnight Recovery I was really intrigued and decided to give it a go. 

And, I was more than a little bit impressed. It melts into your skin really nicely, it's not heavy and just soaks in silkily. Plus, the dropper means you're not likely to overuse it. When I woke up the next morning after using it I really did do a little squeal of delight I was so impressed! I really, truly felt like I could see a visible difference in my skin. It felt softer and I can't put my finger on it, but it general it just all-round looked so much better.

I also read somewhere that it can help pesky little breakouts, so when my skin erupted with a monster, not a spot - a monster, I decided to try out the tip. By morning it hadn't healed the breakout, or made it disappear or anything, but it had without a doubt reduced the redness and angriness and made it a whole lot less obvious. 

At £36 it could be seen as a little pricey, but the bottle lasts for aaaaages, especially as you only use a couple of drops. I also don't tend to use it every night, and only when I feel I need a little pick-me up or in the nights before a big event, just to get my skin in tip-top shape!

I would definitely recommend giving it a go!

Sunday, 18 October 2015


An amazing dress, complete with a little treat for y'all and lots of posts to get you ready for Autumn.

This month I was lucky enough to work with Boutique of Molly and soon their stunning 'Dora' Swing Dress arrived in the prettiest pink parcel. The lace-up detail is so on-trend this now and I styled it up with a plain black belt, just to pull it in at the waist a bit more, black-heeled boots and of course, pop a fedora on top!

I love Autumn. I like it when the weather gets a little chiller and you have to wrap up all cosy. And there's some essentials that you should really get your paws on. Think the comfiest of coats, moisturiser designed just for you, dark lips and blanket scarves. Of course, I gathered them all together for you and delighted over gorgeous Autumnal leaves!

Soon I was able to add a little update on to my Dora dress post - a discount just for you lovely lot! With the code KIRSTEN20 you can get 20% off anything from Boutique of Molly. And I mean, that LBD is a gem that you probs shouldn't miss out on.

I was throwing back to one of the loveliest weekends in Bern this week. We wandered around this pretty market, picking up ingredients for dinner that night. The little stalls are so adorable and the jam jars with patterned cloth lids are so quaint, they remind me of all the gorgeous patterned material you see in Provence. I love wandering round markets - there's always so many sweet little treasures to be found.

Next up was the ideal weekend outfit. It's simple really, a denim skirt, long-sleeved polo and a gorgeous navy coat and you're good to go! Sometimes it's your overlooked wardrobe staples that can make the perfect Autumnal outfit for a weekend of burger-eating and crunching over golden leaves.

Another great outfit to pull on at the weekend includes wellies! We popped out of the city and headed into the country for a weekend. On a cold and misty morning we wandered around the loch, feeling so good to be out the city! It was a stunning walk and I'll be sharing it with you soon for sure!

And what better way to finish a long country walk than a pint in the pub. It's days like these that make me wish weekend would stretch on and on and on....