Monday, 7 November 2016

Specsavers - #LoveGlasses

Because we all love a bit of geek chic don't we!

I popped along to a lovely evening that Specsavers were holding to celebrate the fun and fashion of wearing glasses! It was all about finding the perfect frames, whilst indulging in some pampering of course. I was excited to see some of the amazing collections - and what better way to do it than browsing with a glass of fizz in hand!

I've actually needed glasses since High School, but find that I rarely wear them in favour of contacts. However, I thought this was the perfect night to pop my frames on. I've always been a little self-conscious about wearing my glasses, I think just because of the age I started wearing them at and also probably because the only time I see myself with them on is usually first thing in the morning when I'm definitely not looking my best! But, when I do wear them I actually love it! Everyone always compliments me on them, which is lovely and they defos make my look more interesting. So I have to say thank you to Specsavers for re-igniting my love for my glasses!

And we just had to fit a little indulgence into the evening...

Blythswood Hotel Spa was there offering gorgeous, relaxing hand and arm massages. As I relaxed I flicked through the brochures and they really do some amazing offers! I've always wanted to test out the spa at Blythswood and the loveliness of the hand treatments made me even more tempted!

Then to add some glamour to my hands I popped by Bespoke Beauty to get my nails done. I opted for a beautiful, dark, autumnal shade and I was so pleased with the results. The lovely lady did a fabulous job and it was so nice to be looked after by someone you could tell really cared.

To finish off the look it was time to stop by BLOW.

BLOW has become THE place to get your hair done and this night their speciality was the #BraidBar.   They gave me three plaits, one down my parting and then another two either side, creating a really cool look. I've actually been into the salon before to get some Christmas hair done last year and I'd definitely go back - the complimentary bar is without a doubt a hit!

But back to the specs...

Specsavers offer fantastic value for money and have a huge selection of glasses. But, the main thing is they really care about the health of your eyes. Once you've been all checked out then you can get choosing from the fabulous range...

There' s glasses from one of the most influential and iconic designers, Karl Lagerfeld, that marry fashion with classic settings.

The Love Moschino selection are playful and fun, perfect for someone who's got a little flair to their style - but they're also easy to wear.

I was also delighted to see some Cath Kidston frames! Of course there was plenty of vintage prints and the unique frames fuse the old with the new in the prettiest way.

The amazing event also had a pretty fabulous venue - BoConcept the interiors design store. It was a really fun spot to host an event, and who doesn't love a bit of interiors dreaming! Developed in Denmark it's all about simple, elegant and modern designs where everything can be customised and coordinated to your own tastes.

Thanks so much for having me Specsavers!

I had the loveliest evening and definitely have a new found confidence when wearing my glasses - definitely #LoveGlasses !

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