Tuesday, 29 November 2016

I'm Not Getting Dressed Today

I think we should all just take 5 minutes out of our day to appreciate pyjama shirts.

They are just fabulous aren't they! I mean I'm all for wearing your pyjamas every day and with this amazing trend that's been doing the rounds at the moment you really can! This shirt really does look like it could've been found next to the slippers and that's kinda why I love it so much.

The silky navy blue and white piping make it look like a classic pyjama top, but with just a touch more shape added it's one that you'll actually love wearing out of the house.

On this particular night my sister and I were popping out for a fabulous night at the theatre dahling! We headed to the West End and took our seats for Mamma Mia. So much fun by the way!

The pyjama style top is perfect for dressing up a little - just so you don't feel like you've actually rolled right out of bed. A slick of bright lipstick can do the trick and also add on a pair of heels, much classier than slippers. Yet, I still kinda want to style it with Mom jeans and chunky white trainers. It's a top that really puts in the work.

I went for some skinny jeans and classic black heels - staples we all know and love!

It also needs a jacket... cue the trench!

A classic style pyjama skirt is screaming out for a timeless trench. I love pulling this trench on over whatever works. It's just so easy! It makes me feel all classic and chic and like I can pretend I'm in a Chanel or Burberry advert of summin. It immediately just makes me feel all kinds of fabulous.

Definitely invest in a trench coat if you don't already have one!

And voila - there you have the pyjama top. Quite literally the best think you can go out and buy just now.

Trench Coat - Zara
Shirt - Primark 
Jeans - Topshop 'Joni' 
Shoes - New Look 
Bag - Michael Kors 

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