Sunday, 14 September 2014


So this is my first post on my brand spankin' new Macbook ooooooh!

I loooooove this NASA t-shirt! It's so easy to throw on for a casual weekend, just add some gold jewellery and you're sorted! I'd spotted one very similar in Topshop a while ago, so felt pretty smug when I picked up this bargain in Primark - winning. My Dad did ask if it was supposed to be one of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory's tops, but hey what does he know.

Clad in my Big Bang Theory outfit we treated ourselves to some goodies in Epicures. The homemade cakes looked absolutely mouth-watering and the classic Caramel Shortcake was my pick. Look at all that caramel!! It was scrumptious.

Last weekend we popped to the coast for my sister's 21st. It was an absolutely amazing weekend - filled with giggles, wine, shopping and food. I did a post all about it HERE and there's part two coming up! Just check out that view, it was beautiful and let's be honest the new hat is a bit of a beaut as well.

#tbt this week - CHRISTMAS! I'm not going to lie I'm a bit of a Christmas creeper, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHRISTMAS! I get far to overexcited, far to early and start planning all my festive activities and look forward to all thing White and Wonderlandy around about now. This was our tree from a couple of years ago and that striped bauble is actually chocolate with stripes of edible glitter - Christmas decorations don't get any better than that really.

More treats ooops, perhaps I indulged a little this week, but who doesn't! A cup of tea and some Ferrero Rocher is just absolutely splendiferous. Ferrero have also been one of my favourite treats and I've got a secret supply hidden in a kitchen cupboard that I just keep dipping into.

It's a bit of a recycled outfit  (SEE HERE) but I just think these patterned trews with the striped top is perfect. I have pretty much lived in this top since I got it, it's  Primark boyfriend fit tee and is just so easy to throw on and goes with everything. Add some gold chains, a casual jacket and some brown weave pumps and you're sorted.

I've had loads of lovely feedback on my blog this week, it's so nice to hear that people are reading and enjoying so thank you all!

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