Sunday, 28 September 2014

REVIEW: Malin + Goetz

Here's a little treat for your skin!

I've heard a lot about Malin + Goetz products over the years, but have never actually tried them, so I was delighted when Elle did a cheeky gift with one of their issues. The natural based products are designed to help reach the perfect ph balance and keep your skin feeling fantastic and soothed, and to top it all off it's ideal for sensitive skin.

grapefruit face cleanser

The cleanser is really lovely and easy to use, just lather it up on wet skin! It removes all make-up from your face and the grapefruit, with natural antibacterial properties helps to prevent blemishes, cleaning the skin out. Grapefruit extract also deeply cleanses the pores and the plant-based cleansing technology leaves your skin hydrated, helping any dry skin problems. It's really gentle on the skin and aims to purify and hydrate to reach ph balanced skin. The foam also removes oil and dirt and after there is no need for a toner - simplifying and saving time in your skincare routine, a multi-tasking cleanser, ideal! Afterwards your skin is left feeling properly cleaned, without striping it.

vitamin e face moisturiser

Using the moisturiser after the cleanser left my skin feeling so soft and plumped, it was a gorgeous feel to the skin. It was instantly hydrating and absorbed instantly without leaving loads behind, plus I found that you really didn't need a lot meaning it lasts a whole load longer. The vitamin e calms while the chamomile soothes and all together with the B5 and fatty acids the skin is really nourished. Smooth skin is definitely what you're left with and it helps to retain the moisture in the skin. It's really light to use and won't clog pores and Malin + Goetz also recommends you use it as a primer.

lip moisturizer

The lip treatment instantly restores and replenishes and is ideal to use everyday to stop or help dry and irritated lips. It leaves a lovely sheen on the lips and can almost be like a gloss, so it's really lovely to wear. The shine makes it great to use when you're out and about and it's also fantastic to pop on top of a lipstick. You can tell that it nourishes on impact and unlike a lot of other lip moisturisers it doesn't wipe off and with absorbent fatty acids it continues to hydrate throughout the day. Lips can really suffer in the winter and you need to look after them as the weather turns colder and I would really recommend this one!


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