Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Birthday Weekends

It was my little sisters 21st this week so, of course, massive celebrations were in order!

We packed up and headed towards the seaside. My parents had rented out a house in a delightful little place called Anstruther. It was ideal for us all to get together as we made our way from Glasgow, Aberdeen, London and Switzerland - all with the aim to have the biggest and best birthday blow-out weekend!

The Scotland bunch arrived first and we ran round the house bagging the best rooms! The house was absolutely stunning. Spread over three floors it was decorated in a seaside theme, but in a tasteful way without being too holiday-home-in-your-face. It was perfect. The bedrooms were all huge with some amazing sea views. We let the birthday girl choose first and then left the more "adult" room for the mother and father and we ended up in what looked like it might have been the kids room. It was an absolute delight though, with blue and red seaside decorations and kitsch cottage fairy lights.

The best bit of the house was out the back as it backed right on to the waves and had the most tremendous views - oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

After the rest of the crew had arrived Momma B presented us with survival kits for the weekend - they were filled with all the little things that mothers like to get to look after you, pants, socks, hair bobbles and of course some vitamin c sachets! We caught-up over big bowls of spag bol and more than a couple of glasses of red wine before we all sloped off to bed with the promise of much more excitement in the morning.

Although Saturday wasn't actually J's (the little sisters) birthday we treated it as the main day of celebration. Despite the red wine blurry heads we all rose reasonably early to toast the the birthday girl. All clad in tartan pajamas we munched on nutella waffles and mugs of tea before the cake was brought out while we all sang along! How amazing are the wee figures? My older sister made them and it's everything that J loves - dalmatians, Hogwarts spells and a mini version of her in a Gryffindor uniform - yes she's a bit of a Harry Potter fan!

During the day we popped of to the nearby St Andrews. It was a lovely sunny day, with just a hint of an autumnal sea breeze.

A simple t-shirt, jeans and ballet flats combo was added to with my favourite jacket that I practically live in at this time of year. I also popped on this waistcoat over the top just to add some more detail. I got it aaaaaages ago, but for a while found it quite hard to wear, however thrown on over a jacket it makes it all just a little more interesting. Hats, as I have said, are my new best friend and this was a new one that I found. The darker colour is ideal for autumn and I'm a fan.

We whiled the day away wandering around the beautiful St Andrews. It's a lovely old place with cobbled streets and beautiful old buildings and well worth a visit.

Once we'd picked up the ingredients for the feast that night are tummies started rumbling again so we fed ourselves up on sausage rolls, brownies and hot chocolates before paying a little visit to the shops whilst the boys visited the golf course. We were on the hunt to find the perfect 21st party outfit. After exhausting all the options St Andrews had on offer we had to give in and head for a gin and a pint.

Keep an eye out for the next installment and find out about all the nonsense of Saturday night and the hangovers on Sunday!

Hat - Forever 21
Waistcoat - River Island
Jacket - Primark 
T-Shirt - River Island
Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Next
Necklace - DKNY 

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