Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Zipping Down the Mountain

Back to Switzerland! We headed up to the mountains for the weekend and zipped our way through a simply spectacular setting.

Waking up in the mountains is one of the best things - especially when you know you're soon heading out to exploring the towering peaks and awe-inspiring views. We sipped tea on the balcony gazing at the scenery, loading up on muffins and toast before we headed to the nearby village of Grindelwald.

Here we got the gondola all the way to the top station. We climbed higher and higher, through the amazing mountains. Resorts are like whole other worlds in each season. I'm more used to seeing the ground below me covered in blankets of white snow and people whizzing down hooting and hollering. But this time the gondola lifted us up over green pastures, over walkers and people strolling through the countryside. It was weird to try and pick out where the ski-runs would be!

Eventually we reached First, the very top. Now it was time to test our nerve on the First Flyer.

We were strapped into the harness, one where you kind of sit down and prepared to take off. You whizz down 800 metres from First to Schreckfeld and you can reach speeds of up to 84km/h.

Can you spot me?!

You zoom over jangling cow bells, with the amazing views opening out in front of you. It's pretty fast, but not speedy enough that you don't have time to take in the scenery around you and this unique perspective makes it even more special.

Soon you ping into the end station!

After all that excitement it was definitely time for a glass of chilled wine - I find it's the best way to calm nerves...

Back up at the top is the First Mountain Lodge and we parked up here for a cold one.

We sat on the sprawling veranda of the restaurant high up in the mountains. The view was amazing and spread out, panorama style, around the tables. We managed to find one complete with furry rugs and cushions - perfect.

I then closed my eyes and pointed at the Swiss German menu - it's awful, but I really have no idea what they're saying! I had it in my head I fancied a croque-monsieur, or something like that, and ended up with a plate of cheese. A big plate of cheese. I managed to find a hunk or bread hidden in there and tucked in. It was deliciously warm and comforting and the cheese dripped temptingly down the bread. Switzerland is no place for a diet.

Re-fuelled it was time to make our way down the mountains - by foot this time.

So off we set down the rocky mountain path, with the glacier glistening in the background - impressive and imposing.

The only problem with walking down rocky, sometimes slippy, a little steep slopes is that you're too busy concentrating on where your feet are going that you forget to drink in the views. But, when you do stop to check out your surroundings it's truly worth it.

As we climbed further and further down it became warmer and warmer and the hot summer sun reminded us that it was still shining.

We stumbled across pretty waterfalls and in-the-middle-of-nowhere farms, accompanied by jingling cowbells as the herd came home.

Wildflowers began to appear and para-gliders floated overhead.

Soon we skipped off the path and headed into the woods.

It was like entering a secret fairy glen. The sun filtered through the leaves, lighting the path that was overgrown with wildflowers and complete with tree-roots as steps. There was little pockets of space to rest weary legs and it was a magical last half-hour to finish the walk.

The Grindelwald and First area is pretty spectacular, complete with awe-inspiring views and beautiful mountain walks, if you can get their in the Summer you should!

p.s it's pretty amazing in the Winter too - I'm not fussy!


  1. Not only is it beautiful but the food sounds right up my street haha, I would love to settle down with a glass of wine, a bite to eat and that view! xxx

    1. It's an amazing place! Perfect views - and plenty of cheese and wine!

      Thanks for reading lovely xx