Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Lancome - #SayItWithYourEyes

I recently went along to Lancome's event in House of Fraser to hear all about the new collection that was launching, including a pretty amazing sounding mascara.

We were met by the dynamic duo, and make-up experts, Marc Sinclair and Mike Fortunato. They then went on to showcase the products in the range and created the perfect 50-minute smokey eye on the lovely model.

It was all about how you can create a look quickly and effectively, a look that's stunning and elegant. They made it look so easy! They described how it's the perfect fix for working ladies, who don't have much time in the morning to create a full-on make-up look, but still want something to enhance their features. It's about finding a way to make make-up easy to use, but a make-up that also provides a professional and chic finish.

The perfect smokey-eye that they created was water-proof, crease-proof and long-lasting and all you needed to do at the end of the day in the office was build on it to take you to the bar! The mascara, for example, creates definition and is light on the lashes, but is also build-able so that you can create a dramatic effect. The beautiful look that the boys crafted was all about sophisticated elegance and beauty.

The Hypnose Volume-a-Porter was the piece-de-resistance in the collection and with 80 years of beauty experience behind them Lancome as definitely seen as eye experts in the industry. It is a 'cashmere sensation' and a 'volume mascara'. 

Lancome believe: 'Hypnose Volume-A-Porter is the perfect asset for the woman who understands the power of her gaze. A unique importance of the eyes in French culture, seen as the ultimate seduction weapon. It's all about women and their style.'

But, down to the more practical elements now. It's 20% latex and highly-pigmented to create colour and a long-lasting coat, this also means there's no stiffness on the lashes. The flexible brush allows for precision when applying and the '360 bristles' mean that your lashes don't end up overloaded or all clumped together. It's also a soft brush, meaning it's ideal for coating the lashes and stretching them out from the root to the tip. And to top it all off the formula is also smudge-proof. It creates lashes that are elegant and subtly beautiful, enhancing the natal lash for a sophisticated look. Retail Price - £22.50.

My second favourite product that was demonstrated was without a doubt the Ombre Hypnose Stylo, Long Wear Cream Eye Shadow Stick. The 'cream-stick brimming with pigment, mother of pearl and smoothing agents in a perfectly light, glide-on texture and intense, metallic prey-a-porter colour'. They were simply stunning, really beautiful with a subtle shimmer and an array of gorgeous colours. Marc described how, because they are cream-sticks, the colour stays on the lids and the little pigments of colour don't fall off the lid, creating a mess under your eye. And they really did stay put! I tried a couple on my hand and was amazed at their staying power. Retail Price £22.

The collection also included Liner Plume, Eyeliner Feutre Haute Precision in white and black. The sort of felt-tip-liner made stroke easy to make, leaving the line clean and well-defined. As it has a soft flexible tip you could also create a thin line, or build up to a bold stroke to make more impact. Again they stayed put so well and even rubbing the line with my finger, hard, only made the teensiest smudge, and that was when I think they weren't quite dry. Retail Price £22.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Sourcils Gel, Waterproof Eyebrow Gel Cream. The subtle pearl pigments and varying shades allow you to create a really natural, or build-up to a more intense eyebrow. The creamy gels 'add colour, density and definition'. Retail Price £22.

I was lucky enough to be given a mascara away to try out for myself, but I think I'll definitely be heading back to House of Fraser to purchase one of the eyeshadow sticks from the Lancome counter!


  1. Ooh I always love investing in a good mascara so this is definitely one for me to try next- thank you! xx

    1. I used it loads while I was on holiday and it was great - I'd definitely recommend giving it a go!

      Thanks for reading lovely xx