Friday, 14 August 2015


Do you know how a blogger should spend every Sunday? I do.

At an amazing weekend, all in aid of a fantastic charity, complete with inspirational talks and some amazing goodies - that's how.

On the first Sunday of August I popped along to Scot Blog Meet. It was an amazing event that brought together a whole load of us blogger-lot to chit chat and raise some money for a very special charity SAMH. The fabulous Charlotte from Colours and Carousels organised the afternoon and I can't believe how much of a wonderful job she did, it was truly fantastic what she achieved and I can't start without saying a humungous THANK YOU to the lovely lady.

We all gathered at Darcy's in Princes Square and started the afternoon off with a glass of fizz.

Once we'd all settled in the first speaker of the event caught our attention in the most amazing sparkly dress. Lynsay, from Miss West End Girl talked to us about why she loved blogging and all the amazing, almost life-changing things that you can get out of it. She explained how bloggers should be seen as a community supporting each other - and this was proven on the day! I found myself smiling and nodding along with the lovely lady in the sparkling outfit.

In between the speeches we could explore the corners of the room that all had some pretty special things on offer. I made a beeline to the raffle table to have a snoop of what was on offer. There were some amazing prizes on offer - how adorable is the pink elephant! The talented Hayley from Water Painted Dreams came up with this creation, but darn, as usual, my numbers didn't match!

We were all like magpies when it came to Bare Baroque's corner. There were audible 'ooohhs' and 'ahhhs' at the simply stunning creations that were being revealed. Bare Baroque are temporary jewellery tattoos that can last up to five days. They're a new way to decorate your body with some pretty, sparkling jewellery and are simply water-transfer tattoos in a metallic jewellery design.

I have being spying them quite a lot on my instagram feed and couldn't wait to try them out for myself! I went for a pretty design on my hand. These particular one had been particularly popular at festivals the lovely ladies from Bare Baroque explained, but on your forehead! That would've been stunning, but I decided I best stick to my hand as I'm not sure if that would provoke some funny looks in the office on Monday...

I can't wait to layer cuffs up my arms for holidays!

The next speaker was Anne from SAMH. She talked about the charity and what they do, as well as how we can help to get the word out. SAMH are a fantastic charity that provide help, support and information, whilst campaigning on behalf of people with mental health problems. They hold all different kinds of fundraising events to raise money to fund their work, and as they say, "we believe there is no health without mental health."

In the next break, plate upon plate upon plate of amazing looking food arrived. We all dug into the selection of cold meats, grilled vegetables and an whole array of delicious nibbles. The food was gorgeous and I'd definitely love to head back to Darcy's to try out their whole menu.

The wee room we were in in Darcy's was lovely. There was lanterns standing in corners, big heavy wooden tables and walls plastered in post-cards. It would be a great private room for a party - or any kind of event really!

We managed to nap some treats from the YELP table, in the 'Build Your Own Goodie Bag' before we settled in for the final speech.

Lisa-Marie from Last Year's Girl was the last speaker of the afternoon and she gave a really lovely insight into her blogging life. She gave a run-down of her blogging life and all the places it's taken her. It was great to hear her story, her high-points (and maybe a few mishaps!) and it was so intriguing to hear how blogging itself has evolved and amazing to hear how a blog can grow. Thank you for the snapshot of your blogging life!

(sorry for the bad quality photo - but I couldn't not share this lovely lady with you!)

We picked up a goodie bag, full of some fabulous prizes that had been donated and skipped off into the evening. It was a truly lovely afternoon and I think it's safe to say that we all came away with a warm, fuzzy feeling, so happy that we could all be part of this unique and simply amazing community.

Plus the cherry on the cake was that the we raised a fantastic £320 for SAMH, all thanks to the wonderful Charlotte and her efforts - you're a star!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time! I was hoping to go but got stuck with work commitments, next time!!

    Louise x

  2. You know, I NEVER win raffles - but I did ridiculously well at #ScotBlogMeet. I feel like I need to incorporate my elephant into my blog somehow so people can follow her adventures...

    Thanks for saying such lovely things about my talk! See you soon xx

  3. Wow, it looks like you had fun! Those temporary tattoos are just lovely. I love the colours.

    Rachael at