Monday, 22 June 2015


A whole lotta yellow and some celebrations!

How amazingly, summery and perfect is this little bikini! I picked it up in Primark in preparation for a spa weekend - I mean I maybe didn't need it for one spa night away, but at £5 for the set I wan't exactly going to say no! The yellow lemons are ideal for summer, reminding me of long hot days in Italy and the stripes give a hint of Riviera chic. The bottoms are also a tad high-wasited so perfect if you've indulged in a couple of ice-creams.

More yellow, this time in the form of the most perfect little clutch bag. I got this as a Birthday present from my friends - they know me so well! You've probably spied my coral Arm Candy clutch on here once or twice, but a while ago I'd decided it was definitely time to add some more colour to my clutch collection, so these ladies got it spot on. I'm using clutches a lot more often that I used to and loving it, this beaut has already been on a jaunt to Edinburgh.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Glasgow Clyde College end of year Fashion Show recently and decided I couldn't pass up the chance to share my favourites from the catwalk with you lovely lot. It was an exceptional evening, that showcased just how talented the Fashion Design students really are. There were pieces that I would gladly have borrowed from the models changing rooms and added to my own wardrobe and other pieces that made me dream of fabulous fairytales - a really great show.

Flowers, teapots and prosecco - did someone know I was coming? I headed up to Aberdeen this week to celebrate my sisters graduation - yaaaa! - and was delighted to find that in amongst the glorious old buildings there was a lawn set up with checked table clothes, adorned with vintage teapots and a posey of flowers. It was only improved more when we discovered the bar selling celebratory fizz. It was really beautiful and lovely that so much effort had gone in on the day - eyes peeled for a post!

And here is the genius herself! We clapped and whooped and posed for a trillion photos and captured the graduates themselves in all their glory! Well done you big clever cookie!

The next day I was dying to take my new waistcoat for a spin. I'd got it as a present from my lovely sisters for my Birthday and they couldn't have got it more right! Although I'm going to have to take a step back from yellow soon or I won't be able to open wardrobe without looking like Big Bird! There will be a wee #ootd post coming soon feat. the beautiful piece in all its fabulousness!


  1. Love your Instagram! Was so fab meeting you at the fashion show! Xo

  2. Love all the yellow it looks so pretty :)