Thursday, 2 July 2015

Graduation Celebrations

A couple of weeks ago we all trooped up to Aberdeen to celebrate my little sisters graduation - and what a day it was!

While the clever little genius was graduating we waited outside, as my parents nabbed the only two tickets (obviously) and enjoyed some fizz and Pimms on the lawn, as one does.

It was so beautiful how much effort the University had put into the day. The lawn was filled with cute checked table cloths, vintage teapots filled with poseys of flowers (did they know I was coming?!) and deck chairs for relaxing when the sun peeked out. We settled in on one of the tables and sipped on prosecco, toasting the graduate and exclaiming over the day to come.

Graduations are a lovely excuse to all get together and pop on your glad rags.

I decided the day called for my favourite patterned trousers. I love a patterned trouser for any occasion, you can dress them for the office, or for a Saturday in town or even for a more dressy graduation - all you need to do is add a pair of sophisticated heels. A silky camisole dresses up the look as well, adding a more luxe element to the outfit. The cream also goes really well with the speckled details on the trousers. Now, Aberdeen is not known for being a Summer hotspot so a white blazer is a much needed cover-up. It's still smart, with an angled cut and textured body making it more interesting and it doesn't look too officey with the right accessories.

Of course, I had to add some coral in.

The pop of colour makes the outfit a bit more fun and perfect for a day of celebration. It picks up the navy and cream colour scheme, lifting it a bit and adding a little happy-colour vibe. I've had these heels for a while and I've worn them loads. The court-shoe shape mean they're perfect for any occasion, they're chic and they're a classic, dressing up the patterned trousers perfectly and really complimenting their cut. My go-to clutch bag got another outing - sorry you've seen it so much! - but shoe and bag co-ordination makes my outfit feel just that little bit more chic!

Also keep the sunnies on hand for when the sun eventually breaks through!

Like I mentioned earlier the effort that was put into the day was so lovely! There was so many little details that were beautifully thought out and added to the general atmosphere of the day. The marquee that was set up was filled with all kinds of treasures. 

My favourite was the 'Seed-Stall'.

All kinds of flower seeds were packaged into adorable brown paper bags reading 'Class of 2015'. I just loved the idea that you could grow some Sweet Peas to remind you of the day in months to come, it was a really special idea and I mean, how gorgeous is the set-up!

There was also Graduation cupcakes, topped with scrolls and graduation hats - the clever cookie herself treated herself to one in between being dragged here there and everywhere for photos!

Once we'd moseyed around and squealed exclamations of delight at all the lovely treats that awaited the Class of 2015 we headed back to the cute little bar for a jug of Pimms.

And then we enjoyed it in the sunshine, waiting poised with cameras for the graduate to appear after the ceremony!

It was a really gorgeous day - Congratulations Jaime!!!! 

Blazer - Primark 
Camisole - River Island 
Trousers - H&M 
Shoes - Next 
Clutch - Miss Selfridge 

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  1. I love this look! I'm pretty sure my university don't do anything this lovely for graduation. I guess I'll find out soon!

    Rachael at