Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Academy of Make-Up

Make-up, fizz and doughnuts are the best way to brighten up a rainy Saturday morning.

A couple of Saturdays ago I was invited long to The Academy of Make-ups Open Day. Now, I must confess I am definitely no make-up genius. I stick to the basics I know work and every now and again will pop on a slick of bright lipstick to give me the ultimate boost. But ask me how to get the perfect eye-liner flick, or how to master the art of contouring and I'm blank.

However, sat in front of a mirror getting ready to don the killer heels and new dress I wish I could be a make-up master and transform my face into a work of art. So I was super excited to delve into the world of make-up magic.

The Academy of Make-up is home for everyone who has a love of make-up and hair styling. The academy was set-up in 2010, by renowned make-up artist Sara Hill and offers a selection of make-up artistry and hair styling courses in the training school, perfect for anyone who is looking to take their skills to the professional level.

When you arrive the studio is gorgeously light and welcoming. The light-bulb mirrors add an obvious touch of glamour and the fashion mags dotted around provide plenty of inspiration.

And I'm sure the students wish that there was Bucks Fizz and personalised doughnuts on hand every day...

There was a display of the students work and the whole collection was absolutely stunning. I could've snapped them all and then spent weeks trying to messily recreate them myself, but I should really leave it to the experts I'm sure. There was natural and pretty pink, blush looks, as well as the more statement creations with pops of bright red, beautiful lips.

The teaching includes a wide range, from the Advanced Make-up course to TV Make-up and Special effects and if you want to be able to create the piece de resistance there's also the Complete Pro Hair and Make-up course.

I was lucky enough to see some of the TV and special effects make-up in action as their was a live demonstration of how to create a gruesome looking burn.

I also managed to pop down the corridor to the launch of the Sara Hill make-up range.

The range caters for lips, face and eyes and Sara Hill says that it's "Inspired by fashion, club kids, pop culture and chain-smoking aunties, this is non-conformist, expert beauty that doesn't patronise, apologise or explain." This is make-up that makes you stand-out, it's for the unique and the individual.

You entered an amazingly decorated space with twinkling lights and pretty foliage, and all the make-up you could imagine - it was a wonderland of cosmetics.

There was glittering eye-shadows and lipsticks in every colour. It's packaging that was simple and perfect, with a look that has the potential to become iconic.

The 'Play Area' was a particular favourite and you could get a real feel for the products - maybe I will be able to get better at painting my face on with the help of all these!

A big thank you to The Academy of Make-up for having me along, definitely check them out if you're looking to step into the glamorous world of make-up artistry. All the girls were so lovely and really made the morning a fantastic one - thank you!

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