Monday, 1 June 2015


There's been a whole lot of good lookin' food this week...

I had been feeling all ill and full of that horrible cold this week and just as I was moping away hidden under snuggly duvet and a pile of empty lemsip packets the postman dropped off a lovely little treat for me. Clo Clo London were kind enough to send me a little perk-me-up package with some amazing gems all wrapped up for me. Aren't they lovely?! Expect a little review on these soon and I'll let you all know just how I plan on using them to jazz up my wardrobe.

The competitions almost done you guys so don't miss out! You may have noticed my post on the competition that Optical Express is running on their Facebook page? If not get reading! I styled up the Ray-Ban Wayfarers for summer in all sorts of different ways. This was a 'I'm pretending I'm in Paris drinking champagne look' and definitely had me daydreaming.

There is honestly no better way to spend a Wednesday evening that sipping on fizz and visiting a new restaurant. I was lucky enough to be invited along to Gusto Glasgow to test out their menu and we started the night at the bar (of course) and then ate a truly delicious feast!

First up was cocktails and starters - they were mouth-watering.

And while I was there I also took the opportunity to take some of my Clo Clo London jewellery for a test-run. I really like these Embry sparkly drops that brightened up a monochrome outfit. Perfect to add a little sparkle to the evening.

And then it was Friday all over again, Cheers! I popped up my post on Gusto Glasgow and went off to celebrate the weekend. How amazing do those cocktails look?!

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