Wednesday, 13 May 2015

REVIEW: Red Berry & Jasmine Primark Candle

If you're a regular reader I don't have to tell you how much I love a candle burning away in the background - it just makes a room a better place, it does really!

I picked up this pink and pretty number from Primark recently and I'm pretty chuffed with it! Candles always feel indulgent, luxurious and like I'm playing at being a grown-up! They create a really relaxing and peaceful ambience.

The Primark homeware section is a great place to spend time getting lost in. There's always so many gorgeous little bargains and I'm always picking up various mugs and candles to make my flat a prettier place. The candles always come in really nice jars - or a tin in this case - so you definitely get more for your dolla as you can re-use them for all sorts of things. I'm currently using an older yellow-frosted candle jar to store cotton wool in a much more delightful way than just in the packet.

This little delight is really pink and girlie - and it gives you the perfect excuse to decorate your living room with matching pink roses. Candles can act like little ornaments, that are even more delightful as you can switch them up when they burn-out.

It's not an overly strong scent and is more subtle with a floral and delicate smell that lingers in the background. They also have this scent as tea lights, jam jars and frosted-square jars, so you can fill up a room with pink candles and jasmine flames.

The Red Berry and Jasmine candle has three wicks and it's so nice to have three flames dancing around rather than just one. Plus, they are so cheap - this one comes in at £3.50 - that you don't mind having them burning all the time, it can burn for up to 28 hours, and you don't have to save it for that 'special occasion'. Also the tin is really pretty, ideal for storing little knick knacks and what-nots once it's burnt out.

Primark I'll be back to stock up soon!

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