Saturday, 16 May 2015

Everyday Jewellery

Everyone's got those few pieces in their jewellery box that they just keep coming back to, don't they?

I've got baskets overflowing with gorgeous statement necklace, jewellery boxes packed with big sparkly earrings and boxes bursting at the seams with all sorts of gems. But...... I always have some go-to pieces that are just so easy and perfect that I pop them on day after day. After all I'm saving the the big red tassel necklace till I have some killa shoes to go with it, makes sense really.

My Treasured Possession

Ok, that wasn't meant to sounds all creepy and Gollum, but my simple gold ring is really "my preeeeeecious". Ok I'll stop now. But in all seriousness this is definitely my most treasured piece of jewellery. I got this gold Sheila Fleet ring for my 18th birthday and have pretty much worn it every day since, it feels wrong to leave the house without it. It's simple enough and perfectly elegant to be worn all the time. The design is so pretty and unique, with two leaves overlapping and not quite touching. Once upon a time I got one of the leaves and pulled the whole ring out of shape - disaster! And to make matters worse it when I was at home in Switzerland and my Mum and I had to try and explain in very little German to a lovely lady who spoke very little English what it was supposed to look like. Some terrible drawings happened. But anyway, I wear this piece every single day and I would probably say it's where my love of gold jewellery started.

The Ultimate Timepiece

I had been craving a watch for a while, then Christmas morning came a couple of years ago and my BF became the best gift-giver. I've never really been a huge watch wearer - but I guess that's just because I hadn't found the perfect one! This was when bigger mens-style watches where starting to be spied on everyone and anyone and I was majorly craving one and soon this little Fossil delight landed on my wrist. The STELLA MULTIFUNCTION STAINLESS STEEL borrows details from mens watches, just shrinking them down a bit so they fit delicate ladies wrists a bit better. I love the thicker band and big face and the oversized element means it can be used to make a statement everyday. I much prefer the rose gold, I think it looks, well less tacky than gold-gold for a watch, it doesn't look so much of a knock-off version - eeek. The rose gold is just so much prettier isn't it?

Arrr - Set Sail in the Black Pearl 

Pearls are my birth stone, so don't worry I'm not just oddly obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean. Ever since my Mum unwrapped a gorgeous pair one Christmas I'd been dreaming of my very own set - and it turns out people do listen to me when I rabbit on about my latest obsession! My sisters surprised me with a beautiful set for my 21st birthday and I'll treasure them forever. I was so delighted, I couldn't believe that they'd actually been paying attention! I have some really beautiful pink and creamy pearls in my collection, but there's some about black pearls that are a little mysterious. They are naturally so very beautiful and actually really easy to wear with anything as they are quietly statement making and often quite different from what people expect from pearls. They're like Sandra D transforming into Sandy from Grease, I think I know what I mean, just maybe I should try and think of a more elegant example...

The Perfect Pendant

I wear a lot of gold jewellery everyday - as you can tell from the ring and watch above - and I tend to safe my silver more glittery pieces for when I'm getting dressed-up. It didn't take me long to notice that I was missing a perfect gold pendant from my collection so I was delighted when the BF treated me to this DKNY pendant. The knot design is so pretty and a little different from just a charm. The sparkly line of gems gives it an elegant touch, that's also delightfully subtle. When worn short it sits perfectly in my collar-bone and when worn longer it drapes in a lovely way over high-neck tops. You can't go wrong with a simple, but elegant pendant and it just completes an outfit in every way. It adds a nod of interest and can be worn anywhere and everywhere.

K is for... 

Ok, some I'm steering away from the presents and more expensive pieces in my everyday collection to some earrings that don't hold any sentimental value, but are just pretty darn easy to throw on every day. This little initial earrings are from the wonderful Primark, yay! The small round ones are ideal for work, just little studs that are unassuming - with a cheeky K thrown in - and are ideal to pop on with every office outfit. The pack also comes with the straight up K initial earrings - they do remind me of a pair Kimmy K wore with a W in the other earring, of course, but I promise that's not why I bought them! I switch from the circles to the initials for the weekend and they do quite often get noticed. They're like the earring version of the Carrie necklace and just stand out and look 'cool' (did I just say that?!) But anyway they're well worth the £1.50  (or something) the pack cost.

Now don't get me wrong I love a statement set of jewels every now and again, but we all have those pieces that go on everyday without fail don't we....


  1. The ring is so pretty and delicate... definitely something I would wear <3 Gisforgingers xx

    1. Aww thanks! I love this ring and never take it off! Definitely check out Sheila Fleet if you like the design!

      Thanks for reading lovely xxx

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