Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Leopard Lovelies - #PerfectlyPaired

You might remember a wee whiley ago I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Oasis and Keds collaboration launch and treated myself to a pair of The Style Hunters?

Well here they are in a little photo-shoot!

The weather has been pretty distressing lastly hasn't it? As I'm writing this it's practically snowing outside, which is a nasty turn compared to the glorious sun we bathed in last week. So, even though Spring brings along lighter colours and thinner layers you still have to be prepared for those April (or May or all the time) showers. 

I really loved styling up the slip-on sneakers in a pretty casual weekend look that I want to mooch along to brunch in and drink bloody mary's. I'm not someone that is known for a love of trainers, but these sneakers are just perfect for me. The slip-on style is so comfortable and the animal print adds the perfect edgy element. The neon orange stripes also give them a bit of an extra fun-factor and perfectly compliment the leopard-print colours.

Basically I'm a really big fan and never want to take them off!

As Spring creeps in with smatterings of sunshine I feel like I want to move away from black and blue denim and start wearing some lighter coloured trousers - so it's time for the cream jeans to come out of hiding. I can never decide on white jeans, but I feel like I've been seeing them more lately - of course with the ripped knee! However, I prefer these cream ones for now and they're a bit easier to wear - lovely jubley. 

Plus, the cream looks just dandy with The Style Hunters!

A striped jumper - obviously. 

I must stop living in stripes... 

I got this jacket in Primark after falling head over heels for the Toppers version. It was about a third of the price and is perfect for lazy days. I bought it a two years ago and although I feel like it's a style that has been snapped up pretty much the entire world I still like wearing it. It's lovely and lightweight so is perfectly for slightly cooler Spring days and lazy weekends.

You can't go wrong with a hat. 

Or a simple gold chain - head to Forever 21 to stock up on all the simple, chic everyday jewellery you could ever need. I could spend hours in there picking between necklaces, ear cuffs and so much more...

And you're good to go! 

The Keds and Oasis collaboration is a capsule collection of four styles available in Uk sizes 3-8 for £45. I lusted over all of them at the Press Breakfast, but I'm definitely #perfectlypaired with The Style Hunter!

Hat - Forever 21
Jacket - Primark 
Jumper - Topshop
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Oasis 
Necklace - Forever 21

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