Sunday, 2 July 2017

Blythswood Square: Cocktail Evenings

Cocktail fan? Don't lie to me I know you are!

We all love a delicious cocktail don't we? Well I took on the really strenuous task of tasting some amazing new concoctions at Blythswood Square Hotel so that I could tell you all my top recommendations from their new cocktail menu. A hard task I know, but someone had to do it!

Blythswood Square Hotel has always been a cocktail destination. Cocktails are always such a treat, so where better to spend an evening supping on them than one of the cities most luxurious hotels. It really is a beautiful building and you feel like a VIP as soon as you step through those doors. The classic architecture blends perfectly with the contemporary design elements giving every space a truly indulgent feel. We were lucky enough to be perched in the gorgeous Salon Bar to taste a cocktail or two...

The cocktail menu is so extensive and you're bound to find one, two, or three that you love! We were tasting some of the new delicacies that had been added to get us in the summer mood!

First up was a champagne cocktail - A Night in Paris. This particular drink was originally launched in the 1920's as an aperitif. It was delightfully refreshing and so easy to drink. The perfect piece to get us started!

All cocktails have a story to tell and it was amazing listening to Head Bartender, Connor, tell us all about the history of the drinks while he shimmied and shaked ingredients together. Every cocktail we tasted had a background to it that was fascinating to hear and it was all about giving these classic drinks a new twist, adding to their story.

Next up, my favourite, the Gin Basil Fix!

Just so delicious! It was so fresh and I could see myself sipping this all afternoon long at a sunny garden party. The smell of the basil is pretty intense, but so delicious. The perfect summer cocktail.

The third drink was called the Chamomile Daisy - how pretty! This was completely different cocktail. It was more sweet and the chamomile gave it a relaxing feel, with the Bacardi giving it a little sugar rush. It's one of those cocktails that would be such a treat after a long, hard day.

Every we tasted was made from natural ingredients. There was no artificial purees about and this really did make a difference to the taste. With the Chamomile Daisy they even brew their own chamomile.

It was lovely to while away a few hours perched at the bar listening to Connor explaining all the different drinks. Listening to someone that's so passionate about they do is always a treat. He was so knowledgeable and genuinely wanted to share the stories of the cocktails with us.

We finished with a classic Negroni. This is a strong one, but as you slowly sip it the taste definitely grows on you. It first made an appearance in 1850 and has remained a staple on any cocktail menu. And the large cube of ice? That's to stop the dilution and to keep the taste!

Blythwswood brings back the elegance of drinking cocktails. There's a theatrical element to the evening with all the shaking and stirring up, but it's also a luxury to enjoy these drinks that a certain skill goes into making. They're elegant drinks that are decadent, luxurious and indulgent and without a doubt have a touch of class.

It felt like such a treat to sit here on a Monday evening enjoying the sumptuous surroundings and sipping on cocktails - thanks so much to Blythswood for having me along and to Connor who really made the evening. And a huge thanks to Phil from Skapa PR for inviting me along.

Anyone for cocktails?

x x x

*** I attended this event in exchange for a review, but all views are my own

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