Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Superdrug Loves: Tanning

We all love a good Superdrug haul don't we and I've got some essentials that all always pick up when browsing the aisles.

I could spend forever in Superdrug browsing all the different beauty products until I found a gem, or two, or three, to try out. But I do constantly find myself running in on my lunch break to pick up some bits and bobs that are always found in my beauty stash, so I thought I'd share with you my 'Superdrug Loves'! I'll be doing this as a mini series and first up.... summer tanning!

Superdrug sponsors Love Island, admit it you spend every couple of minutes in a panic at the thought of it ending. You may just have noticed as they frolic about in their bikinis that they're all sporting a cracking tans and that there's various Superdrug bottles lying around.

Well these are my tan essentials!


I pretty much use this tinted moisturiser all year round and pop a layer on most nights after a shower. It just gives your skin a nice glow every day and makes you feel just a bit more summery inside with its very natural and sun-kissed look. I'm also obsessed with moisturising, morning, noon and night, and this cream is really a moisturiser first and foremost with just a hint of tanning ingredient. It's enriched with extract of apricot to leave your skin soft, keep your skin hydrated with a touch of colour - perfection!


Jetting off to sunnier climes - then don't forget to pop into Superdrug as they do a really great range of sun protection. It' ticks all the boxes; advanced UVA/UVB protection, water resistance, as well as 8 hour hydration with antioxidant Vitamin E and Aquarich. It's also a really lovely sun cream as it's lightweight and non-greasy. Most importantly it's dermatologically approved and is perfect for pale Scottish skin (like mine) that may be a little sensitive in the sun. This is an essential to pack away for holidays!


We all need a bit of a helping hand every now and again though don't we! The bronzing lotion is perfect if you need a more immediate tan. It's packed with aloe vera and Vitamin E to moisturise and condition whilst you tan. Best of all it's really easily absorbed and dries really quickly so you're good to go! It definitely wasn't patchy to apply and gave a really smooth finish, allowing you to build up the colour until you're happy. And my pale legs definitely need it! Plus once you're done you can just wash it off.

Next up makeup!

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