Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Exciting fashion- y things and willing Spring along!

I started a new job - yaaaa! It's so exciting and I'm absolutely loving it so far - definitely no Sunday blues for me!

I went to an amazing launch event recently. Hunted Vintage was introducing their SS16 collection and it was such a great night filled with loads of vintage gems. If you're a lover of retro then you should definitely pop over to their website. It's a glorious treasure trove of wonderful clothes and they've done all the vintage hunting for you!

Yaaa an ASOS order! I don't actually shop online all that much. I like to make a trip of it heading into the shops and trying things on, but I had a little money off voucher so I mean of course I was going to use it! A got a couple of lovely tops and was so pleased when they arrived.

Bright flowers are just wonderful aren't they! A love having a big beautiful bouquet to make me smile.

I just need some sunshine. I need heat. I'm dreaming of warmer days and can't wait for Spring to start to warm up and the sunshine start. So I was dreaming of sunnier days and #tbt to last summer when we were in Hvar - can I be back there please?

It's not often I have a productive Saturday morning, but for once I woke up early, pulled on my trainers and headed to a spin class - go me! So I treated myself to some fresh flowers!

I went along to The Body Shop VIP event recently to hear all about their brand new Drops of Light range. It's a lovely collection of brightening lotions and potions and I had the nicest evening oohing and ahhhhing at the lovely smells.

Standard Spring shot happening here - but isn't the blossom so pretty this time of year!

There was an exciting wee evening this week! Our street was transformed into a scene from the 1940s for the filming of a BBC drama. We peeked out the windows at the old fashioned cars driving by and the big red bus was a vintage dream. It was really interesting to see everything set up - loved living in a retro scene for an evening!


  1. Weren't you tempted to sneak down and try to get into the back of one of the scenes?

    1. haha of course! They maybe got me peeking out the curtains, but that was about it!

      Thanks for reading xx

  2. Oh wow I would love to look out the window and see the 1940s rolling past! It always fascinates me when they are filming films or TV in glasgow - we were down when they were filming World War Z which was so interesting! <3

    Gisforgingers xx