Thursday, 7 April 2016


A good ol' mix of fashion, family and chocolate!

Ooooh to be back on the slopes! I had a really amazing holiday in Andorra skiing a couple of weeks ago and on a rainy, grey day in Glasgow I started dreaming about it again. It was a week filled with sparkling snow, dazzling blue skies and one or two cocktails! When's the next holiday booked in?

The day was brightened up by a fabulous fashion launch party. I popped along to The Poetry Club to see the launch of Hunted Vintage S|S16 collection. It was quite a party to celebrate the unique brand (eyes peeled for a full post soon). The prosecco flowed, the models looked stunning, the clothes demanded attention and the canap├ęs were nibbled. A lovely night and I loved the labels with their secret message.

Burnt orange nails as a change from the nude. This was a freebie from Marie Claire, I'm forever collecting freebie nail varnishes, but it was quite an unusual colour and I genuinely really liked it on.

Easter weekend soon arrived and I couldn't wait to spend it catching up with family! We shopped, ate and drank on Friday before heading out to the countryside for party filled with cheesy music and dancing. By the time Monday rolled around we were all exhausted, but after a power nap we were able to finish the weekend off in style with a fabulous meal at Ox and Finch.

The sun has been beginning to make rare appearances and when it did shine I decided it was the perfect day to test a new pair of glittering shoes! This little outfit post is all about the most amazing pair of metallic loafers that I've fallen in love with. Add some stripes and double denim and you're sorted for a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Now, this is simple the very best chocolate in the world. End of. No discussion.

I got a little 20% of ASOS voucher in Elle last month and I've been very good and not spent it yet! I only have a couple of days left, but I just don't know what to get! I've had a full Shopping Basket sitting for days and I keep taking things out and swapping things over. But I think I may have finally decided on a couple of tops, unless you've any suggestions to change my mind....?

I popped along to a Body Shop VIP event this week where they were introducing us to their new range - Drops of Light. It was a really beautiful collection, the face cream and lotion were two of my favourites. They were so light-weight and a delight to use, the packaging is also gorgeous and feminine - I kinda want to fill my bathroom cabinet with it.

You can't beat a really, truly beautiful bouquet of flowers can you?

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  1. I'm always so jealous of the photos of your skiing holiday - the location is gorgeous and you seem to be having so much fun! <3

    Gisforgingers xx