Sunday, 1 March 2015


It seems like I've dreaming of summer this week...

But first some #ootd action. I recently went on a 'office-appropriate-wear' shopping spree. I found some sensible staples in Zara, but also some hidden gems in every bargainistas favourite - Primark. They had a selection of nice patterned long-sleeved dresses that caught my eye and I especially adored the colours on this paisley print and flower patterned number. It's a bit more exciting than the usual suits and skirts and the intricate and elaborate designs add something really special to an otherwise boring work wardrobe.

And one that's not for the office - a gorgeous pastel hat! This was a #tbt to sunny times, filled with pretty flowers and brunch, remind yourself HERE. This summer I introduced myself to the joys of gorgeously designed hat and now find myself craving them all the time.

However, it's not quite summer yet and my trusty polo-neck keeps me warm. I layered it under a denim shirt for a new look and I have to admit I was pretty pleased with it. All it needed was some chunky gold accessories and a slick of red lipstick and it was taken from two simple staples into something just a little more interesting.

It wasn't long before it was Friday and cocktails called! We tried out Lebowskis and pretty much drooled all over the colossal collection on white russians. Chocolate, sprinkles and so much more they were like sweet, tasty milkshakes, with a little bit of alcohol finding it's way in there too - perfection! I'm going to work my way through the whole lot...

We got a brand spankin' new Nespresso machine for moving into our new flat and I now think it completes a weekend morning in bed! Elle, pyjamas and a frothy coffee, what more do you need on a drizzly Saturday morning...

Some guests bring mess, most guests bring alcohol - but I have a new favourite kind - the kind that bring flower and homemade bread, isn't she great!

Why is chilly weather and snow only exciting before Christmas? Just as I thought it was maybe getting a tad warmer the wicked weather tricked me and blew gales and random snow storms, meaning I was left dreaming of warmer climes. So to get over Hump Day I cast my mind back to warmer weather, dreaming of the sunny climes of Barcelona, where I lounged on the beach drinking cocktails and eating tapas in the clammy evenings. See what I mean HERE and if you need even more holiday dreaming there's more HERE.

So I'm thinking I really need a holiday as the next day I was dreaming of more beautiful paces abroad. In Bern, Switzerland there's a gorgeous market that you can wander round and check out the wares. It's full of fresh fruit and delicious treats. I love the lavender though, it takes me back to lovely, quaint French markets that we would visit when we were younger and take lavender bags back to friends at home. See what you think of the market HERE. (Pssst there's some AUHMAZING food in that post too!)

I did a little OOTD special for packing for weekends away, you might have seen SATURDAY's, but this week it was SUNDAY's turn! Think leather trousers, a chunky knit and a amazing clutch!


  1. I can't wait for summer! the snow, rain and wind is getting annoying now!

    1. Isn't it! Snow is definitely only exciting before/during Christmas - I want Spring days now!

      Thanks for reading lovely! xx