Sunday, 22 March 2015

Escapades in Edinburgh {One}

Myself and the other half took a trip to Edinburgh for a wee weekend away!

It's so nice to get away - even if it's really not that far! - and pretend like you're on holiday for a weekend. So we packed up our overnight essentials and headed through to Edinburgh. It really is a gorgeous city and perfect for days wondering around and discovering cute hidden corners and little nooks and crannies.

But fist what did I wear...

(Cardigan - H&M, Top - H&M, Skirt - American Apparel, Boots - Forever 21)

We spent Saturday wandering around, taking in the atmosphere and the sights, so I wanted to be cosy. It was freeeeezing in Edinburgh, so, of course, I bundled on a much loved polo neck and even some fleecy tights - oh my goodness they are a godsend!

I've had this skirt for years and at first my sister dubbed it my 'nun-skirt', but I love it. I've found myself stuck in a bit of a jeans-rut recently and have been feeling that when the weekend rolls on I always reach for a trusty pair of jeans. But, as it was a wee treat weekend away I felt a little dressier in a skirt and have vowed I'll steer away from the jeans more often! Ignore the rules 'never wear navy and black' I think it looks dandy and tuck your polo into the elasticated waist, that along with the pockets adds some shape.

I'm a fan of an over-sized cardigan and this is a monochrome gem, a big wrap around warmth of amazingness (even if that doesn't make sense, it's what I like to think!) I added on the rest of the usuals - rose-gold watch and buckled boots that you all must have seen a gazillion times before - oooops.

So off we popped!

We dropped our bags off at the hotel - which was a brilliant find on LateRooms. We didn't have to trundle along for long till we found Motel One hidden just of Princes Street. The location couldn't have been better and the room was lovely too, just the perfect size for an overnight stay and simply but nicely decorated - my blue suitcase even matched their colour scheme, nicely done!

Once we were all set we just went on a little wander admiring the beautiful city as we went.

We ended up on the Royal Mile and lazily made our way through the crowds watching a handful of street performers and picking out postcards We soon stumbled on a gorgeous little market hidden away in an old church. It was like it's own little storybook place, with lanterns and fairy lights glittering down on us as we admired sellers wares, illuminated by the sun shining through the stained glass windows onto the old stone walls. A delightful little fairy world, hidden of the bustling street - only made a little odd by someone disguised as Jack Sparrow selling leather satchels....

Then The Inn on the Mile was spotted and it was time for a rest-bite and a nice big large glass of wine to 'cheers' our mini-holiday.

After we were fully refreshed we daundered back up the Mile...

Until we came to the crowning glory of Edinburgh - the castle! The historic building dominates the skyline of the city and sits proudly on top of Castle Rock, an extinct volcano. It was once home to the historic royals and secrets and stories are whispered through the stone, hinting of promises of fascinating tales from time gone by.

I prefer to wander around and just take it all in, imagining the scandal that went on all over the castle, but Mr Audio Guide liked to listen to every number, so as the voice babbled on in my ear I took in the beautiful views.

And of course pose with some cannons...

It's a lovely romantic place to stroll around immersing yourself in the historic wonderfulness all around you. There was even a wedding taking place when we visited and everyone smiled as the beautiful bride posed up a storm - what an amazing setting!

I loved the exhibition of The Scottish Crown Jewels, following their fascinating story until they were displayed in all their grandeur. I also loved the great hall, filled with armour and I would love to be a fly on the wall at one of the grand, and surely raucous dinners!

Keep your eyes peeled for Part Two - when we dined like Kings (well maybe Italian Kings) ourselves!


  1. Looks like you had a great time. I live in Edinburgh x

    1. It's such a beautiful city, you're lucky! We had such a nice weekend.

      Thanks for reading lovely xx