Sunday, 24 August 2014


Just so you could keep up with all my shenanigans this week...

I treated myself to Maybelline's Baby Lips Electro. It's a really nice balm that provides hydration with a neon colour kick. They really are moisture rich and are lovely to pop on as a relaxed alternative to gloss or lipstick. I went for the orange colour, but there's also purples and pinks to choose from.

On Monday I headed up to Killin to enjoy some time relaxing away from the city. READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE! There was some really beautiful spots and it's great to make a wee trip to the country. I've tried golf a handful of times now and still can't get any better it's definitely not for me...

You can't forget a little #TBT and this week I cast my insta-eye back to summer in Switzerland. My parents have lived there for a few years now and a couple of years ago I spent a summer out there. The mountains are simply amazing in Summer and Winter, ski in the snow and walk in the sun - ideal. On this particular walk we were tracing the route of the World Cup Race the Lauberhorn. We came across some mountain goats and of course played at being them jumping round the ragged mountains, as you do...

This week I was sad to finish up what has been an amazing Internship with Art Pistol. I loved writing their blog and it was amazing to see all the new art work as it came in. However leaving meant I got some lovely treats to cheer me up and Friday night was spent relaxing with red wine, whilst demolishing a box of chocolates. Sinking it the couch we watched 'Cowboys and Aliens', I know extremely odd title, but it wasn't actually too bad!

I've been on a bit of a health-kick recently and tried out Bootea. READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE! It was a great cleanse and I definitely noticed the difference after.

On Saturday morning my sister and a friend arrived after a long and treacherous Megabus journey all the way from London! After a couple of hours kip we decided the best thing to do was fill our bellies with a full breakfast and milkshakes before we hit the shops. Cafe Rio is just round the corner from my flat and did the job splendidly, the strawberry milkshakes are delicious!

I was very well behaved at shopping and only got this killer ring. I'd spied it in Forever 21 a while back and was so pleased to see that it was still in stock. I love the statement aspect of it and the gold stripes are pretty attention grabbing. I can't wait to start wearing it.

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