Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Country Bumpkin

Just pop the kettle on, enjoy a cup of tea and plan your next visit out of the city...

I love a week break out of Glasgow and the BF's hometown is in one of the most beautiful places, so I thought I'd share some photos with you - incase you want a break from shoes and cupcakes.

I went up for a visit earlier this week and spent the day admiring the amazing scenery. Ok, so we were lazy and took the car rather than walking, but I'm not kidding you, up there was absolutely FREEZING! The wind was pretty brutal, not ideal for someone who is in a permanently cold-state, so before we got blown away it was back into the warm car to drive on and admire some more.

We drove up by Ben Lawers, dodging sheep that roam wild through the heather as Ben Howard provided the perfect soundtrack. Soon we reached what is known as the "wobbly bridge". It was a little less windy here and we bounced on the rickety bridge - it definitely was not the most stable, and it very easily could have ended up like a scene from Total Wipeout, but I managed to stay on my feet, yaa!

How pretty is this wee spot!

Soon all the fresh air had left us with rumbling tummies and we made camp by the Loch side to hoover up a delicious plate of meat, terrine and pate.

Before we left I tried my hand at golf.... again.... I'm still not any better... But at least the views were worth the walk as I searched for stray golf balls...

Just a little post today, but I couldn't resist sharing how stunningly beautiful this wee corner of Scotland is - the perfect day away from the big city lights!

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