Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Commonwealth Convert

Just a special wee post for you today...

As most of you may know I'm not a massive sports person, I recently bought my first trainers in 11 years, but I'm definitely more of a Kardashians and chocolate biscuits fan than marathon runner. However, as the Commonwealth Games descended on Glasgow I couldn't help but get in on the spirit of things.

I was lucky enough to get my paws on some tickets for the Athletics Finals on the last Saturday of sports -  thanks to a very generous friend you treated me to the show - and it was absolutely fantastic.

The atmosphere from the queues outside Hampden in the pouring rain to the roar of the crowd inside the stadium was amazing, the volunteers (Clyde-siders) did an excellent job of cheering everyone on as the Athletics looked like it was turning more into the Aquatics, typical Glasgow style.

We had pretty jammy seats, just three rows back from the track and were swept up in the spirit of things. The pole vault was right in front of us and we could also see the javelin hurtling in our direction and cheer on the runners as they dashed past. The rain didn't dampen spirits and everyone was in an amazing mood.

I've only ever watched athletics on the telly and although it can be really exciting, sometimes it can seem to drag , but when you are there there is so much going on you feel like you don't know where to look. There's so many events going on all around you and crowds are cheering and clapping all at different times as they spur on the athletes.

Of course the highlight was when the man himself, Bolt, appeared. He came out on to the track to a massive applause and didn't hesitate to put on a performance. Our seats were in prime position just behind where he started the relay. He danced about to 500 Miles and posed for the crowd. He really is a running-machine and as soon as it was his turn he exploded into his sprint and you could tell straight away that no-one else had a chance.

When you are there you can really tell why they call it the 'Friendly Games'. There is no sense of vicious competition and everyone cheers for everyone. Every single competitor was cheered on with a massive roar as they competed and during their lap-of-honour, and everyone was simply there to enjoy yourself and I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but it was completely a 'party atmosphere' and was amazing to be a part of.

I got the chance to see athletes at the top of their game compete in something that has never interested me before and I came away absolutely buzzing with a new found admiration for all the sports I saw. Ultimately it also made me proud to live in such an amazing city, Glasgow, they really did put on a show and made it worthwhile for everyone that came out in the pouring rain, absolutely fandabbydosey.


  1. I had such an amazing time at the commonwealth games too - such a great experience and one I'm gutted I won't get to repeat Gisforgingers xx

    1. Amazing, what did you see? I know, I feel so sad it's all over xx