Saturday, 5 March 2016

Bouncing About at Air Space

I was invited along to Air Space to bounce about for an evening - and we had an absolute ball!

I'd heard a bit about Air Space in Glasgow before I went and I was intrigued by this giant trampoline play-park. When we were little we had one of those big, circle trampolines at the bottom of the garden and we'd spent hours and hours bouncing about on Summer evenings after school. But, do trampolines still hold the same charm when you're a bit more grown-up?

The answer is yes, absolutely!
We rocked up on a Friday night, swapping the usual wine evening for something a bit different, and we were like giggly children waiting in line, so excited to explore. We were equipped with Air Space socks, costing £2 (but you can reuse them), which you have to wear whilst bouncing for grip, before heading to a quick safety briefing. It didn't take long and just went over some general safety rules, but it was definitely necessary as it was pretty busy with loads of young kids bouncing about.

And we were off!

Air Space Glasgow has a massive freestyle area with interconnected trampolines, 2 dodgeball courts, 2 basketball lanes, a super-sprung penalty goal, performance trampolines as well as air bags.

We went straight to the freestyle area, where to be honest we spend most of the hour. It was so much fun just to bounce about from trampoline to trampoline. Honestly, the amusement of bouncing up and down never wears off no matter what age! We also tried the air bags and the performance trampolines, which were super-super bouncy! However, I will admit we were constantly shown up by much younger gymnasts flipping about as we really just attempted star-jumps in the air...

And it was a proper workout! We felt like we'd been in the gym for a good session afterwards - granted this workout was a lot more fun. Air Space Glasgow also do Freestyle Fitness Sessions that are £8 a go. I'm quite keen to try these out as we had so much fun. It's described as a "one hour high intensity fat burning bounceathon". So for anyone who is bored of the treadmill this sounds like a fantastic idea!
There's also a Space Academy for coaching sessions and General Access. When we went along on Friday tunes were blazing and it all added to the fun atmosphere.

I would without a doubt go back to Air Space for another bouncing session! It's really not expensive for a session and was such a fun thing to do that was a little different from the average evening. We had an absolute ball and were buzzing after. Just SO MUCH FUN!

A huge thank you to Air Space for having me and for the invitation from McFrank PR!

*** This was a promotional post, but all views are my own. Obvs. 

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  1. Wow! The Air Space jumping park looks like so much fun! I hope that you had an amazing time, the pics are great! I would love to have a go myself hehe hopefully one day I will be able to visit :).

    El xxx