Saturday, 20 February 2016


Flying about, treats and fashion! What more could you ask for...

I was headed down to London just for the day last week, meaning a mega early start, meaning a mega early night the evening before! Not that I minded too much... I snuggled down nice and early with a cosy hot water bottle and Elle to read a goodnight story from and dozed until my alarm started buzzing at a time when no-one should be awake. I did see Stephen Mulhern on Oxford Street though, so some things make the 4.30am starts worth it...

Just kidding! The 4.30am start was made worth it as I got to have a girly night with pizza and Gossip Girl with my sister who lives down in the big city! I stayed the night with her before  I was up again at the crack of dawn the next day to fly back to Glasgow. But before I boarded I managed to fit in a wee Starbucks breakfast as a treat to keep me going. I think getting up extra early definitely means you get two breakfasts.

I'd hesitated about doing this outfit post, but you lovely lot showed it so much love on Instagram I decided to go for it! Throughout I rabbit on about how much I love these striped culottes from River Island - I mean they are fabulous aren't they. Teamed with some strap-up heels and a deep red lip they're just perfect for little evening out.

My BF had been away on a boys skiing holiday and arrived back the day before Valentines - what a perfect time to be passing through duty free! And he didn't even have to stress about choosing the right thing as I had heavily hinted (ok I pretty much out right asked - ooops) for Chloe, Love Story. And I was treated - yaaaa!! It's a lovely fresh floral scent and definitely one of my favourite things at the moment.

I'm still blabbering on to anyone who'll listen about how much I love our new flat and with the BF away skiing I took the opportunity to have my old school friends round for (more than one) glass of wine and chats. They were absolute cuties and spoiled me with cards, flowers and chocolates for my new home! Aren't they gems!

Stylist brought out their big Fashion Issue this week. It makes my face light up every year when I see the big glossy tome being handed out on the corner. It's always filled with beautiful editorial, amazing advice and some fantastical fashion stories. I'm saving this one for a Sunday morning in bed.

It's not just Chloe and my new home that are my favourite things at the moment. I've got some lovely new dresses, beaut new shoes and exciting things ahead. It was so much fun to write all about my favourite things just now and share them with you. It just made me smile collecting all the things that are adding a little sparkle to life.

I printed out a load of photos of some of my favourite memories and popped them up in my new living room. They make a lovely #tbt I thought! These two are of my little sisters graduation and all my family together celebrating my 21st. It's lovely to have little photos to make you smile dotted about all over the place.

I feel like I'm rabbiting on about my new home, so apologies! This was a little spot that featured in my Favourite Things. It's the most perfect spot for relaxing in the evening, feet up, candles glowing tea (or wine if you're that way inclined, definitely like me!) in hand.

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