Sunday, 20 September 2015


Throwback and weekend treats!

This time last year I'd just had one of the best weekends celebrating my little sisters birthday - so I mean what else would be my #tbt. It came in two halves - the first exploring the coast (with a lil #ootd thrown in). The house we'd rented out backed right out on to the water and was filled with all kinds of seaside treats. Of course, there's also some delicious foodie treats and gin popped in there for good measure.

And Sundays on Birthday Weekends are made for wrapping up in big scarves and jumping along the rocky coastline. The weekend comes in two halves and the latter part see's Saturday nights antics and fish and chips to soak up the champagne. I think little sisters should turn 21 every weekend so I can life like this all the time!

I popped up a new post - yaaa! I'd hit the High Street before my holidays, but I can't bring myself just to buy things that work when it's sunny. So, in Transitional Treasures, I rabbited on about how much I'm looking forward to layering these pieces up, adding polo-necks, slouchy knits and the perfect pair of ankle boots.

Weekends are made for delicious breakfasts that you can't look at without drooling just a lil bit. On Saturday we popped along to Old Salty's in Finneston. I've been craving a fish supper from the fancy chippy for a while, but we opted for breakfast instead - it being a little bit early in the morning for the fishy goodness. I had french toast, bacon and a good dollop of maple syrup. It was really damn tasty and it was great to sit, relax and watch the weekend world waking up - plus really decent value. I'll be back to test the chips!

A quote for a Sunday morning to get you going - "Nurture your mind with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes." - Coningsby by Benjamin Disraeli.

Another new post - whoopa! Here is that lovely little denim pinafore again, I'm a real fan of it, if you hadn't already guessed. I went along to visit my sister at Holyrood Palace and managed to pose for some snaps whilst we were there. The palace was a really great place to while away the afternoon and the pinafore, teamed with tan boots, a plain top to layer and red lips for some drama was the perfect weekend outfit. Prepare to see it time and time again.

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