Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Croatia - Hvar

So I know it's not summer anymore and this post is a little late - buuuuut surely it's actually really nice to dream of sunny places when the Autumn chill is creeping in and rain splatters against the window?

Let's pretend we're somewhere else....

At the end of August I headed to Croatia (as you may have guessed from my Instagram spam). It felt like it had been such a long time coming and I was so excited to finally feel the sun on my skin and dip my toes into the sea.

After a damn early flight we finally arrived and after snoozing on a ferry ride we soon reached the beautiful island of Hvar. The gorgeous little boat town has years of sunny history - first appearing in the 13th century and from the minute I stepped off the ferry I was mesmerised - it's just got this really magical feel to it.

We didn't take long to freshen up, pop on some summery colours and head back out the door - just in time to admire the beautiful sunset by the water. And sip on a few Aperol Spritz as he watched the hubbub of the harbour.

Holidays are for relaxing. And we spent many hours lolling on the beach.

There's loads of little hidden gems all over the island and we would spend mornings exploring, before we found the perfect spot to settle in for the foreseeable future.

We swam in the dazzling blue sea, I read my all-time favourite story and the BF dreamed up which super-yacht was going to his.

On the second night we decided we were going to celebrate. Not long before we jetted off the BF passed all his accountancy exams and officially became a super-smart human being - ya!

So we got all dressed nice and drank wine over-looking the bustling square and wandered around the winding stone streets in search of the perfect celebratory menu. Before bar-crawling back along the harbour and chinking glasses many times in congratulations.

Hvar is a really beautiful place. It's got a magical-paradise air to it and the marbled traffic-free streets that drop straight down in the sea are what holidays are made off.

One morning we decided to check out St Stephen's square, the sort of centre of the small town. We sipped on ice tea and watched the visitors patter about in flip-flops. When lunch-time creeped around we walked to the opposite side of the harbour and ate fresh seafood with local chilled wine and watched the boats to their dance.

For our last day on Hvar we took a boat-trip.

We sailed off to a gorgeous little island called Palmizana.

We spent the day swimming in the sandy bay and lunching in the prettiest of restaurants.

Later on we watched the last of the day ebb away from Laganini, the bar, restaurant and lounge that makes you think that you could be in some music video. It was filled with comfy couches, big cushions perched in treetops and was just pretty smart.

It wouldn't have been complete if you didn't have a glass of something deliciously chilled to pose with...

Hvar was amazing - but next up we were off to Split! Stay tuned....

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