Tuesday, 23 December 2014


There's been lots of Christmas prep and festive times happening!

A little #tbt to a fabulous holiday last January. Every year Wengen holds the Lauberhorn FIS Ski World Cup and it's a whole load of amazing MAYHEM! The beers start at 8.30am in the queue and you carry on from there with sloe gin and dancing. We headed up a bit earlier in the week to get some practice in first and pretend that we could be competing (ehhmmm maybe not...) However the party atmosphere catches up with you and sometimes the beers prove distracting!

Last week I spent a Friday night in the iconic place - the Barrowlands! You know you're going to have a good night when you see that sign lit up the night sky. We went to see The Vatersay Boys - a traditional band that ask you to get ready to "project yourself into insanity!" And believe me, most people do! It's an amazing mixture of ages from old to young and everyone ceilidh dances or goes "insane" when their showstopper, The Rammy comes on. I recommend you see them if you get a chance!

Christmas lunches call for sparkles don't they? Of course they do! I caught up with some friends from school over an overwhelmingly, deliciously filling Christmas lunch, and at this time of year you can't go wrong with a bit of daytime sparkle so I popped the sequins on along with a cosy jumper, everything I love about dressing in the festive time.

A friend dropped off some gorgeous flowers and I've obsessed over them all week! Roses, in yellow, orange and red - the best colours! - and lilies all in a stunning arrangement, you can see why I was so pleased!

So I received lots of lovely Christmas cards this year, but none rang more true that this one - "Tis the Season to be Trollied" fa lal la la and all that jazz! And since coming home in the run up to Christmas 11am means hot chocolates with a spike on the slopes, wine filled lunches, gins for the evening, more wine for dinner and sloe gin to finish us off. If Rudolph says so then I'm with him!

Another great thing about Christmas is the coffee shop cups! Before the getting "trollied" started I must say I treated myself to a gingerbread latte or two!

Soon it was time to travel home for Christmas yaaaa! My parents live in Switzerland and we spent the time skiing, eating, drinking and playing silly games. We travel up to the Swiss Alps and hide away in a gorgeous apartment for Christmas with no Christmas telly to distract us and fall out and laugh over games of Trivial Pursuit and Charades. Later that day, after setting off to Edinburgh airport full of festive excitement, I soon arrived home to be greeted by a sparkling Christmas tree and a glass of bubbly - I couldn't think of anything better.

Christmas is a time to fill your house with tinsel, santa's present, cards and baubles, but to top it all off you should really think about investing in a Christmas candle and I have the perfect one for you! I reviewed Lily-Flame's Festive Cheer candle HERE. It fills the room with a delicious and nostalgic Christmas scent, making even the most begrudging Scrooge feel a little bit Christmassy. It really is gorgeous and I would thoroughly recommend trying out their scents!

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  1. Having parents that live in Switzerland must be amazing!! I'd love to spend Christmas there :) Gisforgingers xx