Saturday, 27 December 2014

Brunch New York Style

It's a cold and rainy Saturday morning and brunch calls, so dance through the rain to TriBeCa!

When it's blowing a gale outside there's nothing better than a knitted polo. I've found myself wearing this one constantly throughout the Winter. The black, fine-knit makes me feel a little like the fabulous Audrey Hepburn - or I at least like to pretend I can be as chic. I'm hunting for the perfect grey version as well, so that I can be as snug as a bug all the time.

Black over the knee boots are perfect for when the weather outside is frightful! The gold buckle on these add a little detail, and I must admit I've had so many compliments on these pair whenever I've worn them. People always expect them to be from an expensive brand, but I actually found them in New Look. They are perfect for when the weather isn't so cheery.

Pop on a pair of jeans and a gold chain and you're pretty much sorted! But don't forget to drap a tartan scarf round your neck for an extra bit of cosy indulgence. This is actually a mans scarf, but always check out the men's section when looking for a scarves you can find some pretty great ones and I love this one as the tartan colours are a little more muted.

So off we trotted to TriBeCa.

"The Original New York Kitchen"began it's life in 2003 when a chef returned from New York to Glasgow and wanted to bring some of the American spirit with him. And lets be honest no-one does Brunch better than the New Yorkers!

The West End TriBeCa that I've visited before is a small cafe on Dumbarton road - easily spotted by the queue spilling out the door, everyone with rumbling tummies, preparing to be filled to the brim. The NYPD Cruiser marks the spot and you are welcomed into a "little slice of the Big Apple".

I was pretty chuffed when I found out TriBeCa was taking over a new spot, just off Gibson Street, in a premise with a lot more space, meaning the huge queue wouldn't be an issue! The Dumbarton Road cafe definitely seems to be trying to replicate a grungy, downtown vibe - it does feel different and like a unique little spot in the city. With this is mind I was slightly disappointed with the decor in the new spot and felt it could be given a bit more signature style.

The menu, however, didn't disappoint. And we poured over the 'Merican style menu of bright red, white and blue. I'd been craving a hot chocolate and loved the bold black cup and saucer it arrived in with the TriBeCa brand on the outside, to be honest I quite fancied one if my own! But I couldn't help but get food envy when a truly magnificent milkshake arrived opposite me - look at the sprinkles!

After indulging my cravings for a deliciously sweet chocolately drink a huge plate of french toast, bacon and a generous helping of maple syrup appeared in front of me. You definitely get a taste of New York portion-size! It was all amazing, but take it slowly, this is a marathon not a sprint and I didn't want to leave a morsel!

It's a really nice place to while away a rainy morning and although I do think the decor could do with a bit of Big Apple magic, I love all the cute touches, like the jelly beans in the heart with your bill. I'll be back for more as soon as the food coma lifts!

Polo - H&M
Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Boots - New Look
Scarf - Primark (mens)
Necklace - Primark

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  1. This place looks amazing! I'd love to visit next time I'm in Glasgow Gisforgingers xx