Thursday, 17 July 2014

REVIEW: Arran Aromatics Ultimate Fig Candle

How gorgeously luxurious is this candle!

I got a set of two candles as a present, but decided to burn the Ultimate Fig one first. I love Arran Aromatics products, but had only ever smelt the candles in shops, so was intrigued to see if they lived up to all my other favourites now that I had some at home.

And, of course, they did!

This one is from the Parfumeur Collection, with a fragrance described as a "dense greenery of cassis and dried fruity notes of fig with a mellow cedar floral back note" and the Ultimate Fig, really is lovely. It is an indulgent fragrance that is exclusive, coming from their very own perfumer.

The amazing aroma swells around the room and isn't overpowering, but also isn't indistinct enough to not be able to smell it. In a way it's almost like a multi-layered and complex perfume, rather than a simple scented candle, with the smell staying around for ages after. The Arran Aromatics philosophy of "fragrance first" is definitely evident.

A candle in a room really does make a difference, I like to think it makes me more of a grown-up, I ain't a student anymore! It creates a lovely atmosphere in the room with the simple glow of candlelight and is described as conjuring up "warmth, relaxation, romance, nostalgia and intimacy". It just makes a room a little bit more special with a gorgeous candle flickering in the corner of the room.

The simple white candle sits in an pretty decorated glass jar, the heavy glass does add even a little bit more of a luxurious feel to it and just makes the beautiful smell even more indulgent.  With it's very own matched popped into the box the candle also has a burn time of up to 40 hours, so it will last me a while as well!

Arran Aromatics candles are really indulgently lovely and are well worth investing in.


  1. I love candles and this one sounds gorgeous. Have you tried Darceys candles? They are a firm favourite here but will definitely need to have a try of Arran Aromatics too.

    1. Yeah I have a definite new obsession with candles! Ooooh no I've not tried Darceys - that will have to be my next purchase, thanks!