Friday, 11 April 2014

REVIEW: Arran Aromatics Sea Mud Mask

If I'm perfectly honest I'm not usually one for a face mask - but this little beauty has changed all that!

As part of the Feel Good Formulas range from Arran Aromatics all the products are inspired by nature and as the name suggests - leave you feeling fantastic! The fragrance of bergamot and mint is a subtle one that reminds me of fresh, clear days, bliss.

It seems a fairly thick formula, but is easy to smooth on and dries quickly, so it doesn't feel like it's sliding everywhere.

Once I'd slathered it all over my tired-out face it was time to relax...

After a self-indulgent pampering session was over the mask wiped off easily. With deep cleansing and toning properties all the impurities that had been hidden away were drawn out - so definitely don't use before a big event! My skin felt so clean and conditioned and results were noticed straight away.

A really soothing skin treat that left my face feeling superbly soft - I highly recommend it and I'll definitely be using this face mask more often now.

Find it here!

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