Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Hello Sunshine...

My all time favourite ever colour just has to be yellow!

I love yellow it honestly just makes me smile - reminding me of sunshine, buttercups, daffodils and lemon meringue pies, delish. And now that the sun is out and skies are blue I feel my yellow wardrobe should also be on show.

Yellow is a huge Spring trend this year - which makes me very pleased - anything goes from bright sunny hues to pastel, lemon yellows and they all look lovely. Some people seem a bit scared of wearing the colour, but I think chosen carefully it can suit anyone. There are so many ways to wear it, from colour-blocking to pops of colour being added to an outfit - all waving goodbye to grey days.

This is one item in my yellow-loving collection and it's a gorgeous chiffon top that's not too bright and so easy to wear. The cut is also really flattering, with a seam down the middle and a loose, almost collar as well. I loved the shape so much I also have the top in white!

I teamed it with a simple pair of jeans, wooden-heeled boots and this stunning black and white jacket. To top it all off I went for my go-to make-up look, red lips. They added an extra pop of colour to the outfit and I'm hoping the mixture of red and yellow didn't make me look like a rhubarb custard! It's perhaps not a colour combination you'd go for instantly, but I like it together so hey!

Yellow is a colour that's described as being; uplifting, illuminating, fun and hopeful. It's is supposed to provoke inspiring thoughts and ideas as well as providing enthusiasm and confidence. I mean what's not to love!? And I always feel whenever I see or wear the shade, honestly, it does just cheer me up just that little bit.

I convinced you? Yellow is a winner? Yaaaa!

So if you want your own yellow fix I am currently lusting over everything and anything in Zara at the moment. The co-ord short suit is perfection and the chiffon lemon shirts are just so pretty! My favourite pick though is definitely the jacket - I'm in love.  And even if you've got a lil bit of yellow fear break yourself in with this beaut statement necklace.

Yellow loving for the day - done!

Jacket - River Island
Top - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Boots - H&M 
(All other images and clothes from Zara UK)


  1. Really like this monochrome and yellow look!! :D I've given your blog a follow on bloglovin babe <3 Gisforgingers xx

  2. Thanks! Yeah I think it works well, without making me look like a bumble bee! Following back my dear :) xx