Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Madrid - Park Life

When the sun comes out in Madrid there's only one place to go - The Buen Retiro Park!

The Buen Retiro Park literally translates as the 'Park of the Pleasant Retreat' and it certainly is, with the grand gates inviting you in...

Finally the sun came out on my little Madrid holiday and we swiftly made our way to this amazing oasis in the heart of the big city. It's the biggest park in Madrid and really is a beautiful space. It's filled with sculptured gardens, fountains, monuments and blossoming green spaces and some even call it the 'green heart of the city'.

Retiro originally belonged to the Spanish Monarchy before it was opened to the public, explaining the magnificent grandeur of the place.

One of the main attractions in the Park is the romantic boating lake.

It's a really peaceful spot and you can watch the rowing boats meandering along and take in the beautiful lake and monument. The lake was the heart of the garden when it belonged to the Palace and there's definitely still a regal feel to the space, with the grand monument that was dedicated to Alfonso XII.

As you venture deeper into the park you find a smaller lake and beside it is the enchanting Crystal Palace.

The huge glass building is a really dazzling sculpture. Built in 1887 it has long been a much-loved feature in the Park. The beautiful Palace is made almost entirely of glass with an iron framework, like a huge, magnificent, imposing green house!

The space is usually filled with exhibitions, but I think empty it's even more charming...

There's a real romance to Retiro and you could wander for hours around the gardens, being delighted as you turn every corner getting lost in the magical maze.

Retiro is filled with all walks of life - there's tourists clicking away, families picnic-ing with laughing children with buskers providing the soundtrack. It's just absolute bliss and the perfect place to explore in the sunshine.

I don't know how you visit Madrid and don't come here!

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