Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Red Leather

A pop of bright red is the perfect addition to an all black outfit!

Every single component of this outfit is one that I absolutely love. But, items that I often find myself faffing and fussing over wearing. There's something about each of them that push me a little out of my comfort zone, I don't know why, but when I do take take a deep breath and pop them on I remember how much I love them and swear to wear them more!

This was an outfit that I wore for a little weekend in Edinburgh, so I couldn't change my mind as it was all that I had packed! It was perfect for a Sunday spent visiting my sister and wandering around the cobbled streets, before we stayed in the amazing MacDonald Hotel.

But lets get into the details...

The jacket. Oh my goodness isn't it great. I picked it up almost four years ago on a little jaunt down to London. I had an hour or so to waste in Piccadilly Circus so I did what I do best and had a wee peruse of the shops. I found myself in a huge shop right on the corner - I couldn't even tell you its name - filled with wooden hangers with the softest cardigans and sharp blazers. Hidden at the back was a few sale racks and this is where I spotted the jacket! It was £15 reduced from £75, so it would really have been insane to resist don't you agree.

It's a beautiful kinda biker style, with gold zips and details. The fabric is heavy and luxurious with a woven, tweed texture. It's just all round fabulous and I do just love a good jacket. However, there's some reason that it often just hangs in my wardrobe often being trumped for the fail-safe camel coat. But, when I pulled it on this weekend I remembered why I bought it that evening in London. I love it on. I love how it's a bit different, I love the bright red and how it makes me feel all snazzy. It's a winner that from this day forward I swear to wear more.

The leather-look leggings are a newer addition to my wardrobe. My sister actually bought them first and I couldn't stop thinking about them - so I knew I had to have them too! Leather leggings had always scared me a bit. I worried they would be unflattering on me and would look cheap. But, this pair proved me wrong and I've now joined the hoardes of fashion-conscious who swear by leather leggings as a wardrobe staple. I'm besotted. These one's are from Zara and are a little thicker, which I thinks gives me some more confidence when wearing them. They're also lined on the inside with the softest material, making them so comfy to wear - the dream.

Now this might seem to be a funny one to be scared of wearing, but I confess I've never really been a trainer person. Ever. At school trainers were reserved for PE with an assortment of ballet flats being my footwear of choice. And this didn't change much. My shoe-drobe has always been all fancy flats, amazing heels and a selection of boots, but something made me change my mind. Maybe it's old age creeping in and the need to be comfy, maybe it's the oh-so-stylish instagram pictures filled with black Nikes that made me take the plunge... But, I'm so glad I did!

These trainers feel like I'm walking on air and I love it. I also love how they look out and about. They don't have to be just for the gym and look great with jeans, or leather trousers, for the perfect weekend look. You'll be seeing a lot more of these I can promise you that...

I was even a little worried about the black jumper - can you believe it! It's like a thick velour material and I was worried it would look a bit tracksuity and a bit of a Juicy Couture throwback. But there was something about it that I just couldn't resist and I'm so glad! It's so comfy and soft and I've honestly been wearing it everywhere. At the weekends to battle the cold with jeans or in the office layered over a shirt and with tailored patterned trousers. Definitely one of my best buys.

And for the finishing touches something I'm always comfortable with - a chunky scarf wrapped round to keep me cosy!

I do actually love wearing all of these things and I promise myself I will be wearing them a lot more in the future!

Jacket - Sutherland 
Jumper - H&M
Leggings - Zara 
Trainers - Nike 
Scarf - Primark 

x x x

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