Wednesday, 11 January 2017

REVIEW: We All Love a MAC Lipstick

We all know that everyone loves a MAC lipstick...

MAC lipsticks are a staple in every girls make-up bag, instagram feed and make-up wish-lists. And we all love them. So yes, here's my confession of the week I'm a MAC lipstick fan. It was really my little sister you converted me to the matte wonders of MAC and from then on there's been many strips of different colours decorating my arms as I spend far too much of my time at their sleek counters. I have a couple in my collection that everyone knows and loves and a few others that I've stumbled across in my hours of browsing.

So which MAC lipsticks are my favourites...


Like most Brave was my first foray into the world of MAC. After admiring it on my little sister, who praised the colour to the high heavens I decided it was time to give it a go. It literally suits everyone and will be perfect for any occasion, I actually read an article recently that's main point was 'Brave is fabulous. Every make-up wearing lady in the world should own Brave.' It's described as 'pink-beige with white pearl'. It's the perfect shade of elegance and the pink vintage, to me, has a really ladylike feel to it. It's a perfectly muted pink that's definitely a classic.


Velvet Teddy is an iconic shade that graces make-up bags everywhere. Rumoured to once have been a  go-to shade for Kylie Jenner the colour is instantly recognisable from her favourite tones on instagram and snapchat. It's a dark-nude lipstick that's pretty much reached cult status. Described as a 'deep-tone beige' it's a bolder nude that gives you more of a vampy look. With the warm brown tones in it though it doesn't look flat and is an easy shade to slick on to instantly take your look up a notch.


When I got this particular lippie I was actually looking for a completely different shade, but I stumbled across it and I fell in love! Of course, I drifted back to what MAC does best, nude. This is more of a 'creme-sheen' rather than a matte and it's described as 'frosted neutral pink'. I kinda disagree though and think it's more of a coral, peachy nude. I bought it at the airport when I was jetting off for some sun and found that it was the perfect one to wear in the summer! It was so easy just to slick on and it looks a lot more natural. So much love for it.


This is the latest edition to my MAC collection and I've fallen head over heels for it! My lovely sisters boyfriend was clever enough to pick out the most perfect shade as a Christmas present and I was so happy with it - cheers pal! So I'm sorry that it's a nude again - I can't help it! This one is described as a 'neutral pinky-rose'. It's not a deep brown nude, nor a really dark rich pink, it's kind of perfectly in the middle. It's wonderfully simple and a really stylish shade that adds just the right amount of sass dontcha know!

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