Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Kelbourne Saint

If you like chicken and beer (who doesn't!) then you have to try out Kelbourne Saint!

I went along to the Press Launch of Kelbourne Saint and have never looked at chicken in the same way since. Think succulent chicken spinning on a rotisserie, with the most delicious beer as an accompaniment...

But lets get back to basics.

Kelbourne Saint is the latest brainchild of Kained Holdings. They transformed the out on Queen Margaret Drive that was made famous in the iconic film 'Trainspotting' into the perfect place to while away a weekend afternoon. They specialise in natural produce and definitely fulfil Kained's aim to 'surprise and delight' especially with the mouth-watering rotisserie on full display!

Kained Holdings MD Graham Suttle commented: "Drinking and dining at the Kelbourne Saint will be a change in style from our other restaurants, but with the same commitment to ethically sourced, sustainable produce. Our aim is to bring people together and enjoy our new menu, family style. Our chickens have had time to grow slowly and roam free on Scottish farms, meaning they have had time to develop the finest flavour and texture." 

This care for where their food comes from is evident in the skill and taste put into the food. It's simply spectacular.

And what adds the finishing touches to Kelbourne Saint? The beer tank!

This is WEST Brewery's first and only tank beer system and it serves up their very own brand beer, Apache Pilsner. Now I do enjoy a beer every now and again, but I would never consider myself a 'beer-drinker', however I could sip on this beer all afternoon! It's not too heavy to drink and has a really crisp taste. It's so fresh and light, just really delicious.

The polished copper tank, as well as producing amazing beer, also adds to the contemporary, yet rustic aesthetic of the place, fitting in perfectly with the look of the bar. Plus being found a stones throw away from the bar it's also the freshest beer you can drink, meaning you get a properly good quality pint!

Now let's just all take a moment to appreciate the food...

The rotisserie is just amazing and I've never seen anything like it in Glasgow! It's the first thing you see when you walk in and your stomach starts rumbling straight away. When the door opens the amazing smell just hits you. Full chickens drenched in the tank beer spin, dripping down onto pineapples, which in turn drip-drop their juices onto veal and then eventually roasting vegetables pick up all the flavours. Are you drooling yet?

And the beauty of it? You can put anything you like on the spit! I really liked the idea of doing the 'Bird of the Day', meaning you'll get something different every time you go in. You can feast on the lip-smacking chicken, try a bit of pork loin or even go for a bit of octopus, ordering directly from the rotisserie. Just a dream.

It's the perfect place to waste a weekend afternoon and I can't wait to go back!

Thanks so much for having me along! That chicken made my life....

*** This is a collaborative post, but all views are my own. Obvs. 

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