Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Snow Day

Pretty days in the white stuff call for big smiles and bobble-hats!

The snow was falling in Glasgow one Saturday morning layering the dull January streets in a pretty white layer. My sister was through and we had decided to wander in to town to check out the latest exhibitions at GOMA, before some sale shopping and glasses of wine.

But as the day was just such a wintery wonderland we had to take some outfit photos first...

This jacket has become a firm favourite. I know you've seen it a few times before, but that's simply because it's just perfectly amazing. The dressing-gown, wrap-around style is a big hug of cosiness - ideal for wrapping up against the elements. The camel colour is also a hit as it goes with everything. I think it also makes it look at tad more expensive than it's Primark price-tag really was.

Falling snowflakes could make anyone smile!

I have a huge amount of love for this burgundy skirt. My BF and I decided we'd put a limit on Christmas present spending so that we can put the money towards a ski holiday, but thankfully I'd already spied a bargain that fit right into the budget...

I'd spotted this zip-up skirt in Primark and began to heavily hint and lo and behold it soon appeared wrapped up in Christmas paper - ya! The colour is deep burgundy and gorgeous, a beautiful colour for wintery months. It's also suede and feels so soft and really nice to wear. The zip-up detail is pretty flattering and gives it just a little bit more of an interesting touch. It's also the perfect shape, plus not too short. I can see myself wearing it over and over - plus I also spotted it in other colours this week, so I might just be heading back to bulk up my collection.

This H&M jumper is another staple I've been living in. The over-sized, slouchy fit is perfect for cosy days and really comfy. The light brow knit is also perfectly simple and easy to pair with anything. I also have it in a gorgeously pale pink and find myself alternating between the two every weekend! Just tuck the front into your skirt to add a bit of shape and show-off the zip detail and voila.

All you need to add is some heeled ankle boots and warm bobble-hat and you're all set to hit the snow!

Winter Wonderlands are definitely the best kind of backdrop!

Coat - Primark 
Jumper - H&M
Skirt - Primark 
Boots - H&M
Hat - Barts

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