Friday, 11 December 2015

REVIEW: Neal's Yard Remedies, Unwind

This is just the perfect bath set to end a busy day with.... or just cos, ya know, you deserve to feel blissfully relaxed any time you want to!

I had the most delightful evening at Neal's Yard Remedies store in Glasgow recently and I was treated to a little goodie bag! And hidden inside was this gorgeous little set from the 'Unwind Organic  Aromatic Collection'. I couldn't wait to try it and with a Friday evening free after a monstrously busy week I knew I'd found the perfect time.

The delightfully gorgeous and flower-covered box opens up to re-fill the delights hidden inside - the most fabulous duo to help you relax at night - a bottle of Foaming Bath and a tun of the Body Butter.

The packaging is simply beautiful and pretty design makes it feel like a really special treat.

Both are "infused with the fresh and soothing scent of organic lavender, geranium and marjoram essential oils, to make the worries of the day simply melt away" - and believe me they really do! The ingredients are what makes this set, the smell is just sublime and you can tell that Neal's prides itself on using natural and organic ingredients.

I ran a deep, delightfully hot bath and poured in the foaming bath and it made the perfect amount of bubbles, although I did feel like I was using a lot. Then all that's left to do is slip in and dream...

The Foaming Bath boasts that it's relaxing, conditioning and soothing and put simply it's just fantastically lovely. It makes for a "delightfully fragrant bath to bring a sense of wellbeing" and it's a  "skin-conditioning herbal infusion to help you relax and unwind" - basically it is just the most wonderful thing to help you to completely chill out.

Once the water has started to turn luke-warm dry yourself off in a big fluffy towel and get ready for the next step of your evening of relaxation.

The Body Butter claims to nourish, smooth skin, whilst containing relaxing aromatherapy. And I found it left my skin feeling soft and smelling beautiful, it "deeply nourishes and relaxes - soothing essential oils infuse a rich creamy blend of organic butters and oils." It was nice and thick and melted into my skin, leaving you feeling like the moisturiser was working its magic overnight.

The main reason I absolutely adored the duo was the fragrance. It was just so lovely, and it was strong - you can smell it well after you've first used it and the lingering scent only adds to a relaxing evening. It really helps you to wind down as you soak in a lavender heaven and smooth geranium goodness into your skin. Lavender is said to be 'soothing and balancing' and for most is a familiar sweet fragrance, helping to restore skin as well as working as an antiseptic. Geranium is 'calming and rejuvenating' calming and soothing the nervous system, whilst also having skin regenerative properties and, like lavender, working as an antiseptic.

It's the loveliest set, you feel luxurious and indulgent when you're using it. Run a big bubbly bath, smother yourself in body butter and just relax. I felt so wonderfully chilled out after I'd used it, ready to curl up with a cup of tea, hot water bottle and good book. It was the best thing for when I was feeling a little stressed out, but I can't wait to use it again when I need a little 'me-time'.

Thanks again so much to Neal's for having me and for the set - it is simply gorgeous and I absolutely love it!

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