Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Slouchy knits and Sunday burgers

There's no better way to spend a Sunday than snuggled up in bed with tea and glossy magazines, before throwing on some cosy knits and heading out to gorge on delicious burgers - and that's exactly what I did!

Once I'd unraveled myself from my bed cocoon I popped on my favourite big knit cardigan. This one is a gorgeous maroon colour, which I think suits everyone and looks great with all sorts. The oversized shape makes it feel like a big fashiony hug - ideal for a Sunday afternoon.

I paired it with a silky top, navy blue with a bird print design. I found this little beauty in London a couple of years ago. Wandering down some cobbled street we stumbled across an adorable boutique and this top has been a fantastic wardrobe faithful ever since. Again, it's quite oversized, with a racer back and can reveal a sneaky peek of lace bra - oooer.

The jeans are a Topshop staple. I find that the style of jeans in Topshop fit me really well and these are a Leigh cut that are coated. The coated jeans are nice for something a bit different from the everyday jean. It gives them just a little sheen and an almost leather look to them, they are a great alternative if you wanted something a little bit dressier than normal denim.

Now, I'll let you into a little secret here, I have pretty small feet, I mean pretty-very small so I can get away with buying kids shoes.... And these boots are just that - from the New Look kids section. If you have small feet I recommend it! Sizes tend to go up to a 4 - 5, most of them are actually really nice and the best bit is they're cheaper!

It was lovely sunny Sunday and we headed off in search a proper Sunday roast. However, as it does in Glasgow, the rain came on, so at this point burgers began calling. And thankfully The Left Bank was nearby.

The Left Bank would probably, pretty much definitely, win the award for best burgers in the Westend. They are simply delicious, with a selection of toppings, rosemary chips, beetroot, salad and chipotle mayo  all washed down with a beer and you're in heaven.

I opted for some gruyere cheese and bacon on top, but did get a lil bit of food envy when the side of pulled pork arrived opposite me. Every scrap on the plate was munched - and that's how you do a perfect Sunday.

Cardigan - Missguided
Top - A little boutique in London (I'm sorry I can't remember!)
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - New Look
Chain - An old broke necklace


  1. Love your outfit! It looks so effortless and easy but really fashionable too :) Gisforgingers xx

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, I love a big, cosy cardy that you can throw on - but still looks good! xx

  2. I love to snuggle in close to the gorgeous glossy fashion magazine spreads, especially love their sweet scented glossy pages and the feel of those International Editions and their new publication aroma really excites me.