Saturday, 29 March 2014

Pastel vs. The Classic

I pretty much always have my nails painted, come rain come shine. It just doesn't feel right having bare, naked nails. A pop of colour, a bit of dazzle, a sophisticated nude - I've tried (and loved) them all. And now Spring is in the air (so we're told) a major nail trend is pastel polishes, but are classic red nails always going to be a winner?

Pastel shades are beautiful for Spring coming in many shades - mint, lilac, pink etc. etc. And all make me want to skip through blossoms in a pretty dress.

Although I'm not really a purple person the No7 Lucky Lilac was too gorgeous not to try. I actually really liked the colour as it wasn't a really obvious purple. One coat didn't do the job for me looking a bit wishy washy but two brought out the lovely lilac.

I would thoroughly recommend jumping on the pastel bandwagon the colours look super-sweet matched with your outfit accessories (think Blair Waldorf). Reminding me off bouquets from flower markets, cotton candy and Mini Eggs they make me want to go for afternoon tea and eat scrumptious brunches.

But even with all these cauuute girly shades let's not forget the ultimate classic - red nails. They remind me of chic, scary, beautiful and powerful women with a little bit of Cruella de Vil thrown in the mix.

Nails inc do a great red, Victoria & Albert - the name says it all really, romance and the Queen. I would say I prefer wearing dark, deep reds and this one was pretty bright - perhaps being better suited to Summer, but it made me smile and that can't be a bad thing.

I found a great quote to describe red nails - "I remember she had these long, lovely nails with red varnish, in the middle of this shitty place we were in!" (Kate Adie). They're chic and bring a touch of class to any occasion. Let's remember they're a classic for a reason.

Which gets you're vote - the pastel trend or the classic red?

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