Monday, 2 May 2016


I was lucky enough to be treated to some amazing LVL Lashes - and oh my goodness they're pretty fantastic!

The lovely Karen from The Beauty Spot at Kevin O'Neill Hair invited me along to get some LVL Lashes done, I was immediately intrigued! I never usually get much done to my eyelashes. They're quite long naturally and all I usually do is curl and pop on mascara, but after reading a little more into LVL I was really excited to give them a go!

LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift, everything you want in eyelashes. The finishing effect is amazing longer and lifted lashes. The beauty of them is that there's no extensions, adhesive and you don't even really need to wear mascara afterwards if you don't want to, sounds like a bit of a miracle doesn't it!

Here's my eyelashes before....

So what exactly does it involve....

Well essentially a setting serum is used to straighten the natural lashes, giving them the effect of being curled and lifted up and then they're tinted to look like they've got a coat of mascara.

You have to do a patch test 48 hours prior to the treatment just to double check that your eyes won't be irritated by anything that's used. Once your ready to go your eyelashes are first cleaned and a shield is applied to protect your eyes, then your eyes are closed for the full 45 minute treatment. To begin your eyelashes will be combed out and pulled backwards onto the shield with a perming lotion then being applied in order to set the lashes. Once this has dried, a neutraliser and then a tint is put on to darken your eyelashes. Finally a bit of moisturiser is used to keep them in good condition.

And straight away you see amazing results au natural!

And here they are after! 

The results are instant and looked fantastic straight away, lifted and definitely longer! Now in the mornings I'm not finding myself needing to curl them and I just need a quick coat of mascara and I'm ready to go. But even without mascara, first thing in the morning I find that they look 'done' and almost as though they've been curled and then had a thin coat of clear mascara.

It's all about enhancing your natural lashes. They're not curled, but straightened and lifted, with the tint adding some definition and depth. It's the perfect pre-holiday treatment if you're jetting away for a pool or beach holiday. Your eyelashes just look pretty fantastic and it makes everything so easy!

These are them with a coat of mascara - amazing! 

The Beauty Spot was a great place to go for the LVL Lashes. The lovely relaxing room made it feel like such a treat and Karen was just fabulous. She was amazing at putting my mind at ease and talked me through each step. It's so lovely to have a beauty treatment by some one who is excited to transform you and really cares that you love the look. She's an absolute gem!

Coming in at £45 the LVL lashes last for around 6-8 weeks, so a really good long time!

Thanks so much to Karen I absolutely love my lashes and wouldn't hesitate in recommending them!

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