Friday, 6 May 2016

New Menu Treats at Beefeater

We popped into Beefeater Stirling for an absolutely delicious feast!

Beefeater first fired up their grills back in 1974 and now have over 140 restaurants nationwide, cooking an enormous amount of steaks in that time I'm sure! The pub-style chain of restaurants prides itself on offering a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with an affordable menu that's got a great selection. And really the menu has everything! There's starters - from duck wings to salt beef boards - filling mains - including burgers and steaks - and if you've got room mouth-watering puds!

We stopped off at the Stirling Beefeater on our way back to Glasgow from a weekend up North. It's just in the perfect pit-stop place, nestled right between Glasgow and Edinburgh and really easy to get to. As soon as you walk in the big double doors the atmosphere is really light and welcoming. There's a really comfortable bar area, as well as booth seating for groups, with a lovely friendly atmosphere throughout. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by smiles that never stopped.

And the menu! Well you could take hours pouring over the menu trying to decide what to get! Beefeater have recently added some new dishes so I was looking forward to giving them a go.

To kick things off there's big Sharers to start or single starters if  like Joey "you don't share food!" I went for the new 'Kofta' which was delicious with just the right hint of spice and across from me the wings certainly got devoured.

For Mains Steak is really a Beefeater speciality. They source their cuts of meat from trusted farms to deliver really great quality. The butcher will then hand-cut them expertly age the steaks for 21 days. Beefeater even have a Steak Academy to train all their chefs. This meant that the Surf N' Turf was an obvious choice!

Or you could opt for something from the grill, as well as choose from all the favourites including Fish n' Chips or Gammon Steaks. Or, if like me, you love a burger there's an excellent selection! I went for another new addition to the menu - The Chicken Burger with Avocado, Bacon and Cheese. It was delicious. Everything you want a big burger to be.

Then onto the desserts! And oh my goodness how do you choose!

There's a pretty fabulous collection, from chocolate brownies and black forest gateau to sundaes, where I would love to have one of each! Too stuffed to get one each we shared a scrumptious apple and caramel pudding. But as we scrapped the plate clean we were wishing we'd had one each!

Basically the menu offers something for everyone! If the fussiest of eaters wouldn't be disappointed by what's on offer. There's something for every mood and every person - so much so that I kept changing my mind right up until we ordered!

The service was just lovely too. With the wonderful Claire looking after us we had everything we needed and felt really cared for. It was so friendly and the whole place just had a lovely buzz about it.

Aaaaaaaaand I've got a special treat for you all! I can offer you an exclusive 25% off at Stirling Beefeater! All you need to do is show the code - 588113001 when you go to settle the bill. It's valid until the 18th of May. Let me know what you decide to eat!

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